Solutions for aging

Scientific studies have shown that physical exercise for elderly people improves the heart’s functions and reinforces muscles and joints, thereby preventing falls and fractures. Physical exercise, in general improves mood, reduces anxiety and depression, and also helps to protect against forms of cognitive impairment.

Our recommended solutions

Our solution is based on the physical and social dimension of Wellness. It is designed to improve cardiovascular efficiency, muscle strength, flexibility, as well as cognitive function and social interaction.

The importance of cardiovascular efficiency

The equipment items capable of guaranteeing effective cardio training and safe exercise for your patients include Recline MD Inclusive, a comfortable bike with an easily adjusted backrest, the highly accessible Jog Now MD treadmill and Crossover MD, a crosstrainer that stimulates balance and proprioception.

Muscle strength & bone density

Strength training is another important aspect for guaranteeing healthy joints and muscles. Leg Press Inclusive helps to improve leg strength, increases bone density and prevents future falls and fractures.

Mobility, flexibility & balance

During old age, it’s important to perform activities that develop flexibility and maintain the range of movement required for daily activities. With FLEXability, the patient is able to correctly stretch the muscle chains through movements that improve mobility. And Kinesis® One includes a specific programme for the prevention of falling accidents based on increasing muscle mass and bone density.

Interaction with others

An elderly person may also benefit from cognitive activities and socialising. Our UNITY™ interactive display, fitted on the main cardio machines, includes gaming options that help to prevent cognitive impairment. And Easy Line is ideal for the elderly to participate in group lessons and increase socialising.

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