The workout that fits you

Losing weight, building strength, ageing in good health: whatever takes you to a fitness or gym club, the reason needs to be addressed specifically. One size simply doesn't fit all. Until now. BIOCIRCUIT™ offers a personalised workout to help you achieve your own fitness goals in a short amount of time, thanks to the BIODRIVE cutting-edge technology.

The guided program delivers an engaging experience that requires no adjustments or wait time. Everything you need for the best muscle activation imaginable is included in the circuit.

Quick and effective, your workout is always there for you and ready when you are.

What kind of training should I expect?

Skill level: any

Type: circuit training

Duration: 22’ strength - 30’ cardio and strength


Why people love BIOCIRCUIT

 - One login: it’s fast and easy to start

 - Ongoing training for maximum efficiency

- No chance for mistakes, your training is
  always guided

- Equipment that knows and adapts to you

- Effective workout in 30' or less

- Whatever your fitness goal, it’ll get you there

How it works

SETUP: select the program and adjust effort and posture with your trainer.

1 – Login on the UNITY SELF kiosk

2 – The program directs you to the first station

3 – Find your posture and settings ready on each subsequent station

4 – The circuit ends after 2 laps, with automatic tracking of results


Results cannot be achieved without a careful planning that’s rooted into science, experience and hard work. The BIOCIRCUIT TRAINING METHOD has been studied to give users consciousness of their workout to get the best possible results. Exercises, workload, work/rest ratio and pace have been defined and integrated into BIOCIRCUIT personalised programs.


Boost your energy and mood with increased muscle strength and improved posture.


Raise your metabolic rate for a slimmer shape by burning more calories and increasing muscle strength.


Look and feel great by improving muscle balance and harmony, toning postural muscle tone and increasing joint flexibility.


Enhance your quality of life with a safe strength training program that is beneficial to your body energy, skeletal system and mood.


Increase athletic performance, improve muscle power, and ignite your competitive spirit with high intensity training.

Want to know more about the training methods and technology behind BIOCIRCUIT



The key to a personalised workout in a safe, easy and effective way is BIODRIVE™, a sophisticated intelligent drive that assures the best biomechanics and feeling ever.

Based on revolutionary aerospace technology, BIODRIVE is a motor controller that delivers a tailored workout to help you achieve the best results in a short amount of time.

BIODRIVE is also connected to the first training program synchronized with the native software of the circuit. It requires only one login and is totally customizable to your needs.

No need for manual adjustments, no wasted time, safer and tailored training for everyone.


Different needs require different programs. Only BIODRIVE™ can balance all phases of movement, both concentric and eccentric, for the following factors.

Resistance profile

Some people require isotonic resistance, others need to reduce the inertia to preserve the joints, while still others prefer leveraging a viscous resistance for a greater challenge. From traditional standards to high intensity profiles, the BIODRIVE engine makes it all possible.

Adaptive workload

Whether users just want to complete their reps, define their routine to fully engage, or be guided in a routine based on their needs, BIODRIVE™ ensures that the workload is constantly controlled.

Spotter assistance

Sometimes you can fully manage your workout, but the equipment can also provide assistance when you wish to have a little help completing your last reps. In case support is needed, BIODRIVE activates the spotter function to your relief.

Effective pace

At times, you may need to be guided on a certain pace. In other instances, you may want to define your own. BIODRIVE selects the proper pace based on your needs to achieve maximum effectiveness.


A dedicated version of the Biocircuit format has earned the 93/42 EEC certification, that guarantees the highest standards of quality, reliability and safety.

The format, including training methodology and clinically tested exercise protocols, has been tested to achieve the certification.

The electronic board has been redesigned to comply with the reduced electromagnetic emission requirements in Medical facilities.


Q: I want to lose weight but I’m not sure whether to choose BIOCIRCUIT, HIIT or cardio. Which delivers best results?

A: All of the above can be efficient ways to lose weight, but not all will suit everyone. While running or cycling can be good ways to burn calories, for example, it takes a bit more time to be effective than the other two. High Intensity Interval Training, on the other hand, is quick and has a great after burn effect, but it can be very challenging, especially if you haven’t worked on your endurance and strength before. BIOCIRCUIT, instead, takes the best of both worlds and makes it available to everyone through a proven method and a laser-focused programme that adapts to your specific needs.

Q: I prefer strength training. Can BIOCIRCUIT be good for me too?

A: Biocircuit is certainly an excellent solution for strength training. It includes various programmes for all needs, ranging from viscous resistance to eccentric overloads. Some programmes also include the SPOTTER function, designed for those who wish to challenge their limits and push themselves beyond their boundaries. You will always have complete control over your training, calibrating loads at will according to your own needs.

Q: How many times per week should I perform my routine to ensure good results?

A: Although the initial assessment and your physical condition are prerequisites to answer this question, 2 or 3 sessions per week are advisable to reach long-lasting results with BIOCIRCUIT. 48 hours between sessions are always recommended for adequate recovery.


BIOCIRCUIT: a smart business opportunity

Smart equipment, a proven method and tailored workout for all your members: choosing BIOCIRCUIT™ means much more than purchasing a turnkey format. It is a valuable and differentiating asset in your fitness club offering, backed up by a whole system of business support.

Increase your retention, attract new members and generate secondary spending with BIOCIRCUIT! Download the brochure and discover more on this profitable solution for fitness clubs and studios, including business models, flooring layouts, promotion plans and support.