The circuit that fits you

No matter what your fitness goals are, Biocircuit™ gets you there - faster and better. With a completely guided programme, it delivers a more engaging circuit training experience that requires no adjustments and less time.

Smart programmes for everyone

The Biocircuit training programmes have been developed to get the best possible results more efficiently. We designed exercises, workloads, pace and rest times to deliver personalised training programmes for every type of user.

Two circuit experiences

Depending on your needs, you can choose from two different formats.

Biocircuit is a time-based circuit that guides users automatically through the stations with no wait time after an initial trainer-assisted setup.
Biocircuit Free is a modular circuit with no need for supervision that lets users choose from being completely guided or tailoring their exercises in detail.


Imagine a circuit where you just need to log in once, then relax and work out for a set time with equipment that adapts to you. A completely guided experience, from station to station, where you never stop, never wait. This is Biocircuit.

The setup

The user journey

Personalise Biocircuit training for each of your users

Prescribe allows operators to create truly personalised programmes for their users easily and quickly, delivering an outstanding quality of service.

30 or 22 minutes

Based on training needs, you can choose from two different Biocircuit configurations: a 30’ cardiovascular and strength workout or a quicker 22’ strength-only workout

30’ cardio and strength
22’ strength only

Biocircuit Free

If exercise time is no concern, Biocircuit Free gives you even more flexibility. With no need for supervision, this strength training circuit offers programmes that evolve over time, gradually adjusted by Technogym Coach’s embedded AI so you reach your goals more efficiently. Seasoned users and professionals also get the freedom to use each machine as a standalone piece and fine-tune its parameters individually for a tailored workout.

Ramp up

The guided experience

Free training

The Free environment offers even more options for tapping into Biostrength equipment’s vast potential. This is particularly beneficial to both seasoned users and health professionals for delivering individually customised exercises.

Push your limits with:
  • Stripping
  • Pyramid
  • Tone Express
Build your own
  • Isotonic
  • Isotonic no inertia
  • Isotonic with eccentric reduced load
  • Isotonic with eccentric overload
  • Elastic
  • Viscous

Customise user programmes with Prescribe app


The key to delivering individually personalised workouts is Biodrive™. Exclusive to the Biostrength line of equipment, the intelligent drive is controlled by the programme and adapts specifically to each user.

Strength that suits you

Biodrive’s patented technology can balance all phases of movement, both concentric and eccentric. This means that resistance and pace are optimised for maximum effectiveness and safety, depending on individual needs and objectives.

Biostrength equipment

Available both for Biocircuit and Biocircuit Free options.

Cardio equipment

Available only for Biocircuit

Curious to know how Biocircuit fits your business needs?

Smart equipment, a proven method and tailored workouts for all your members: choosing Biocircuit means much more than purchasing a turnkey format. Increase your retention, attract new members and generate secondary spending. Find out more.


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