Technogym Interior Design
Technogym Interior Design

Technogym Interior Design is a service that supports architects and interior designers in the creation of wellness spaces. The development of diagrams and 3D modelling helps ensure the best layout and fruition of the area and provides a detailed preview of the result. From this synergy with designers, customized experiences are born that bring together aesthetics and functionality in every space.

Our approach

No matter how big or small, we place the same care in every project as we would use in our showrooms. We are our harshest judges, in order to achieve our goal of bringing excellent service to all our clients.

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Add value to the Architect’s project

By joining their creative inspiration with Technogym Interior Designers' knowledge of the wellness world, architects are better able to develop spot-on solutions that meet customers' needs and that enhance the surrounding environment.

Home & Yacht

The Home Wellness concept has been designed to support your wellbeing and healthy lifestyle.

The Home Wellness concept was developed to encourage the pursuit of wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle in the home environment. Technogym’s philosophy is to combine design, attention to detail and elegant products to add value to interiors and create spaces that promote physical and mental balance. Home Wellness creates a better training and sport experience in the most treasured space: your home.

Hospitality & Residential

Elevating a wellness experience even away from home is crucial to improving people’s quality of life.

The number of people who maintain their regular training routine away from home, even on a cruise, is growing. Similarly, there is an increase in hotels, resorts, and leisure clubs offering or wanting to offer wellness services to their guests. Amongst home buyers the demand for common areas dedicated to wellness is on the rise, especially for eco-friendly, connected, and human-centered equipment. To all these needs, Technogym answers with a wide portfolio of solutions for every space, from gym to common areas, to rooms.

Health, Corporate and Performance

Health - Exercise is Medicine

Technogym upholds the importance of physical activity as a means for prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. In line with this objective, it is a Global Partner of the “Exercise is Medicine” initiative, that considers physical exercise a medicine, to all effects. Technogym solutions speed up recovery after traumas and surgery, but they also provide the ideal therapy against ageing, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. The equipment allows to control exercise range of motion (ROM) as well as training data, it is easy to use and accessible to users with limited mobility.


The most effective and customised solutions for fitness clubs all around the world.

Technogym leverages its know-how as a leading company in the fitness and wellness sector to provide operators with unique and personalized solutions. The starting point for a proposal that aims to provide the best return on investment is the analysis of the client’s available space, budget, business model, and user target. What distinguishes each project is the attention to interior design demands, to make sure the environment is pleasing and motivating.