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The Wellness Weights dumbbells are an excellent solution if you want to tone up using small extra weights with a touch of style. Easily portable, carry them wherever and use both indoors and outdoors.

Innovative materials

The special materials used for Wellness Weights dumbbells are innovative and unconventional for fitness products and yet the weights offer the same toning benefits as conventional small weights.

Innovative design, lines and materials make Wellness Weights a great solution for those who want to tone up using small weights, ideal for running and aerobics. An elegant and functional weight kit that allows you to follow strength training programs for all the muscle groups.

The particular shape and materials can be stored in a travel bag so they can be easily used for your indoor or outdoor training sessions. The product is available in two versions: with a set of 2 dumbbells of 0.5kg or with a pair of dumbbells of 1kg, all supplied with Velcro straps. Each version of Wellness Weights come in travel bags and manual exercises to support your workout program.