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Wellness Rack is an elegant and functional weight kit that is beautifully designed with an innovative fastening system and loadable disks trimmed with silicone to protect against damaging surfaces.

Beautifully designed

Beautifully designed and fully featured, the Wellness Rack is a weights system that helps strengthen all muscles and helps you to achieve your fitness goals.

The Wellness Rack is both a functional weight kit as well as a beautiful piece of design for a home gym. This is characterised by three distinctive elements: • Transparent container, to store and rearrange the equipment at the end of the workout. • Loadable Handles that, thanks to an innovative coupling system, make the dumbbells particularly attractive, enhancing the functionality of the classic handlebars. • Loadable discs, coated with silicone materials help protect against damaging surfaces. This modern weight kit allows you to follow complete training programs for the strength of all muscle groups, both for people who like to stay in shape and for the most demanding athletes. Wellness Rack consists of 8 2 kg discs, 8 x 0.5 kg disks and 2 loadable handles. The Exercise Manual, provided with the dumbbells includes guidance on the most effective exercises for biceps, triceps, pectorals, shoulders and back muscles.