The complete multigym in 1.5 m²
The complete multigym in 1.5 m²

More than 25 exercises. Maximum muscle activation. Unprecedented comfort and ergonomics.

More than 25 exercises. Maximum muscle activation. Unprecedented comfort and ergonomics.




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Unica is the compact multi gym for strength training at home: complete, comfortable, and versatile, in just 16 square feet.


More than 25 exercises for your strength


Maximum muscle activation


Comfort and safety

The home multigym

Arms, legs, pecs and more: develop your potential with targeted muscle training. Unica's incredible versatility gives you more than 25 different exercises to increase strength and tone your entire body.

Technogym App

With Technogym App you have a coach at your side, helping you reach your training goals faster. Follow the guided sessions and master proper exercise form.

Effective training and ease of use

The unique linkage system of the multi gym machine lets you perform more than 25 different exercises without replacing any element and only selecting the desired load.

Maximum muscle activation

Thanks to its precision biomechanics, Unica guarantees physiological trajectories that distribute loads optimally throughout the movement, maximising muscle fibre activation and prevent injury.

Safe, from the first moment

The Easy Start system allows you to begin the exercise without overloading your joints, making it safe also for beginners.

Comfort for your performance

Exercisers between 150 and 210 cm tall can easily use the multi gym machine thanks to the adjustable seat. The wide backrest, ergonomic padding and non-slip grips provide maximum comfort to enhance your performance.

Protection and safety

Load selection manoeuvres are safeguarded by the protection guard which keeps fingers at a distance from the weight stack plates.

While necessity drives innovation, the desire for comfort while keeping fit at home is the main idea behind the success of Unica's multipurpose home gym. Keeping fit is increasingly becoming a focal point, as everyone seemingly wants to shed some weight, improve their cardiovascular health, muscle toning, or develop biceps.

The multipurpose home multi gym equipment offers a sigh of relief to people seeking to boost their fitness from home. Thanks to its numerous customizing options, it accommodates all ages and also helps you keep fit with so much ease. Additionally, both experts and amateurs can use the compact multi gym kit in their fitness journey.

Why Unica Is the Best Multi Gym for Home

Unica is regarded as the best multi-gym for home use for several reasons. First, you will marvel at its remarkable build—with every component carefully designed and installed to give you the confidence to push your body to its limits. After coming up with your fitness goals, deciding to acquire multipurpose equipment is an excellent choice because you get versatility and comfort without compromise.

  • Efficiency: Unica home gym equipment guarantees effectiveness and an overall cost-saving experience instead of buying tons of equipment. What’s more, you get to enjoy long-lasting service from the exercise equipment while minimizing expenses related to major repairs. Also, you do not need a gym instructor when using the equipment as it comes with a user guide that’s relatively easy to read and understand. Every item of the compact gym is designed to offer service efficiently without any professional assistance. All you need is to lift the small loads and work on easy exercises before proceeding to more intense workouts.

  • Multipurpose Use: One of the key benefits of investing in the Unica multipurpose solution is that you can perform more than 25 exercises from the comfort of your home. Besides that, you can easily select your desired load without any lengthy procedure.

  • Safe to Use: Lifting dumbbells and barbells poses considerable safety concerns due to accidental dropping of the weights. Even so, the risk of injury is minimized by Unica compact multi gym as it’s designed for use by persons of all ages without posing any risk.

  • Durability: Unica home gym is meticulously designed and assembled to last longer plus withstand rigorous use without showing signs of tear and wear. As a compact multi gym for your strength training at home needs, Unica is a complete, comfortable, and versatile fitness solution that fits in just 16 square feet.

Over 25 Exercises with Our Compact Multifunctional Gym Machine

Are you mindful of slipping into an unhealthy lifestyle? Worry no more as we got you some of the best 25 home exercises to use with the Unica multifunctional gym machine. Furthermore, you get to choose what body parts to work on, or you can focus on full-body multi gym training.

Here are some of the most popular exercises you can perform with Unica:

  • Chest Press

  • Shoulder Press

  • Crunch

  • Pulldown

  • Arm Adduction

  • Leg Extension

  • Row

  • Arm Curl

  • Calf Raise

  • Pullover

  • Arm Extensions

  • Hip Abduction

  • Upright Row

  • Hip Extension

  • Reverse Flys

  • Triceps Kick Backs

  • Front Raises

Having highlighted some of the most important exercises to try with the compact home gym, take time to choose what works best for you. Remember consistency is key, commit time every day to do the workouts, and you will live a healthier life.

Guided Workouts Thanks to the Personal Trainer Always at Your Side

The best time to start your fitness journey is now. Get to hit your home gym in style. Make it part of your lifestyle—keep fit and pursue wellness with vigor.

  • Full-body workouts: one of the key benefits of compact gym equipment is you can focus on exercising the entire body at no added cost or pain. Always start with a simple warm-up, work your upper body and biceps first, proceed to the abs, and finally work on the lower body. Every item in the home gym serves an intended purpose. We suggest starting with full-body workouts and then proceed to work specific muscle groups as your strength grows.

  • Precision Muscle Activation: Here, you focus your energy towards shaping specific body parts such as the biceps, abs, and thigh strengthening, among others. It’s a simple strategy of upgrading from the general body workouts, which can be carried out with several tactics to cope with the progressive adaptations of your body. While hypertrophy (how big your muscles are) and strength (how much force they can produce) are related, you can achieve better results on the first aspect by performing sets containing a higher number of repetitions, or on the second using lower repetitions with higher weights.

Every Detail Is Designed to Ensure Safety and Comfort

Every component of the Unica compact gym is built with the highest industry standards in mind, based on matters of safety, and guarantees durability. Unica’s design addresses safety issues, with the actual build of the equipment aiming to minimize the risk of injury while working out. Besides, most of the parts are heavily padded, ensuring you do not come into contact with the metal part while working out. Most importantly, every component is precisely placed to allow easy use, even when you don’t have a trainer.

Final Take

Without a doubt, you should get a Unica compact home gym based on its durability, ease of use, and efficiency. For a beginner or an expert trainer, it’s worth mentioning you can use this fitness solution to achieve your fitness goals without assistance. Boost your strength plus tone your entire body by making the most of Unica’s remarkable versatility that lets you train your arms, legs, pecs, and more. Build your fitness with targeted muscle training today.