The most comfortable cycling ever
The most comfortable cycling ever


Technogym Cycle


Technogym Cycle is an exercise bike designed with a wide seat and walk-through to make it easy to improve your health and get back in shape at any age.

Easy on, easy off

Technogym Cycle is barrier free with its open, walk-through design.

So comfortable you won't want to get off

With an extra wide surface and multi-density padding, the seat is the most comfortable in its class. Adjust it easily with the back lever while seated, even mid ride.

Everything under control

All the information you need to track your progress is clearly displayed on the console, to be used with or without a tablet.

Just 0.7 m²

At just 60 cm wide, Technogym Cycle is a space-saving bike with a compact design.

Extra Stable

Technogym Cycle is stable and resistant. It is designed to support up to 180 kg of weight.

Stay healthy and motivated with personalised training

Place your tablet on the console and start training. The Technogym Live app is available for iPad and Android tablets.


Your heartbeat sets the intensity

While you train, the CPR system (Constant Pulse Rate) monitors your heart rate and automatically adjusts speed and resistance for a safe and efficient workout.


Train anywhere in the world

Free your mind riding through natural landscapes and city scenes from all over the planet.


Personalised training

Choose a goal-based workout - such as time, distance, or calories - or select one of our many other options, ranging from pure cardio to HIIT sessions.


An online trainer by your side

Boost your workouts with pure energy from the best trainers. Let them show you proper exercise form and motivate you to achieve maximum results. More than 450 Sessions available today*, new ones coming up every week.


Choose your goal and follow along

Follow the video exercises while Technogym Cycle automatically adjusts speed and resistance for a bespoke training session.


Follow the beat

Cover that extra mile with the energy of music. Choose your mood and go with the flow.

Synced with your Apple Watch

Pair your Apple Watch with your tablet to connect instantly and start communicating with the Technogym Live app. Monitor your heart rate in real time from the display on the equipment: your results get tracked automatically on Apple Health as soon as the workout is finished.

The perfect bike for any space
The perfect bike for any space

Technogym Cycle is the ideal size for any space in your home, with a level of comfort unlike any other.

Technogym Cycle is the ideal size for any space in your home, with a level of comfort unlike any other.

Technogym Cycle is so much more

Technogym Plus

Cycling, yoga, boxing, HIIT, strength and more video training Sessions, with the best trainers showing you proper exercise form and motivating you to achieve maximum results. Free forever when you buy Technogym Cycle.

*Technogym Sessions available with Technogym Plus subscription. All other features of Technogym Live app are always available to all users.

The best stationary exercise bikes simulate the outdoor training experience while upgrading the mind-body-soul experience. Take everything you love about a conventional exercise bike, add convenience, then minus any form of self-consciousness. Now what you have is a Technogym Cycle for your fitness goals—whenever you want it. This Technogym fitness tool is regarded as the most comfortable and practical exercise bike for all ages. Technogym Cycle ensures you’re always looking forward to the next exercise session as it offers comfort, convenience, and muscle toning with ease. Ever had issues adjusting your bike before a workout session? Now, you can enjoy an easy on, easy off experience by taking advantage of Technogym Cycle’s barrier free, open, walk-through design. Plus, try out the exercise bikes’ seat featuring extra wide surface coupled with multi-density padding. Designed to be the most comfortable seat in its class, it allows for easy adjustments through a back lever when seated—even mid ride. Stay fit and motivated as you delight in personalised training. Once you hop on the exercise bike for home, you have everything under your control including training data to help you track your progress. This information is conveniently displayed on the console, where you can make use of it with or without a tablet to achieve your fitness goals.

Technogym Cycle Is the Ideal Upright Exercise Bike for Any Age

Upright exercises bikes are known for keeping riders in an upright position during their workouts. Here are some of the best reasons these workout solutions are ideal for persons of all ages

  • Ease of Use: When choosing an upright exercise bike, ease of use should be at the top of the list. Besides, look at the comfort of the sitting position and ease of adjustment. Cardiovascular health is increasingly becoming a prominent concern. Hence, it’s essential to get an exercise bike offering convenience to users of all ages.

    Here, the Technogym Cycle offers so much more, allowing for a variety of workouts in comfort. With one handlebar and two distinct cycling positions, you can switch from a standard setting to a city bike with ease in one single ride.

    That’s not all, at just 17cm, the shorter distance between the pedals see to it that you get fluid pedalling and the comfort of correct body positioning.

  • Friendly Interface: Fittingly placed on the handlebar, instant track controls let you adjust intensity on the fly. Technogym exercise bikes have the best display clusters making it simple to adjust speed, time, resistance, and distance. Thanks to the simple display, you can also monitor your heart rate while exercising without much strain.

Stable and Compact: Because Technogym Cycle Is Ideal for the Home

Do you want the perfect exercise bike for any space? Once you invest in the Technogym Cycle, what you get is compact exercise bike designed to fit any space in your home, but with a degree of comfort that’s unmatched by any other Besides the appeal of its small footprint, you also get excellent cardiovascular workouts, allowing you to achieve and maintain your fitness goals. Moreover, this exercise tool is very stable, making to favourable among senior users. Plus, the Technogym Cycle can support up to 180kgs thanks to its stable base.

Endless Training Possibilities

Did you know your Technogym exercise bike offers more training options than you can imagine? Do you require an exercise bike with heart rate monitor to achieve your health goals? Here are three training possibilities you can achieve with your Technogym exercise bike while working from home.

  • Interval Training: This workout option offers alternating high and low-intensity sessions. The intervals are very short, prompting your body to adapt fast. For the best results, you need an exercise bike with programs. Once you get accustomed to the bike, it becomes easy to maintain high tempo training and speed bursts.

  • Endurance Training: As the name suggests, the workouts last a long time. Technogym Cycle is the best suited for the program and suits users who want to lose weight. The workouts are tailored towards burning calories and excess body fat.

  • Pace Training: This workout is focused on high-speed exercises and testing your resilience. When you want to strengthen your feet and improve on muscle toning, this is the best training for you. Besides, you get to choose the distance you want to cover, and the time spent on the bike.

With Technogym Cycle You Can Pedal Listening to Your Favourite Music or Admiring Unique Landscapes

Technogym bikes are not only efficient, but also entertaining to help you focus on more than just fitness. For personalised training, opt for a goal-based workout—list the milestones like time, distance, or calories you intend to burn—or choose one of the bike’s multiple options that include pure cardio and HIIT sessions. Link your exercise bike via Bluetooth 5.0 and sync music from a range of devices. Follow the beat’s energy to help you cover the extra mile. Select your genre and go with the flow. Make the most of Technogym Outdoors to train anywhere in the world. This feature allows you to free your mind as you virtually cycle through natural landscapes plus urban scenes from anywhere on the planet. An athlete also has multiple customisation options, meaning you can adjust the exercise bike with virtual routes to suit your fitness and entertainment goals.

Bottom Line

Biking is non-weight-bearing, and thereby, minimises the risk of injuries arising from wear and tear. Get a Technogym stationary bike and enjoy unlimited customisation options. Having the exercise bike in your home will limit your need to visit a gym as you will be fully engaged.