Switch on your training
Switch on your training

The sleek and versatile Technogym Bench with dedicated storage holds all the tools you need for a complete workout.

The sleek and versatile Technogym Bench with dedicated storage holds all the tools you need for a complete workout.

Over 200 exercises

Guided workouts with our trainers

Practical and functional

Technogym Bench


Get the all-inclusive functional training kit that empowers you to perform myriads of total body workouts. It combines elastic bands, hexagon dumbbells, weighted knuckles and a training mat in a compact footprint.

Technogym App

Unravel the full potential of training with Technogym Bench thanks to the countless workouts available on Technogym App. Let the Technogym Coach guide you and get superior results, faster.

Core power-ups

The weighted knuckles escalate your core improvement with engaging exercises.

Flexible and strong

Elastic bands in 3 different resistance levels add training variety and increase your strength.

Increased muscle tone

Perform endless weight training exercises with the hexagon dumbbells for full-body blasts.

All you need to reach your goals

Get moving with our trainers

Build your six pack. Sculpt your glutes. Get leaner and stronger. Let our training programmes inspire you and reach your objectives faster than ever with the Technogym Bench.

Practical and functional

Technogym Bench: The Multifunctional Bench

A weight bench is a must-have when you want to build muscle or improve muscle mass. Working out on a multifunction bench is an excellent way to focus on a range of muscle groups. Are you thinking about equipping your home gym? Let’s look at the Technogym multifunction gym bench, one of the best home gym equipment for the home.

Advantages of the Technogym Multifunctional Bench

Below are other advantages of Technogym Bench:

  • Compact size - Perform a range of total body exercises using this compact gym bench with weights set. Make use of hexagonal dumbbells, resistance bands, weighted knuckles, and a training mat, all in a gym bench with a compact footprint.

  • Quality of Materials - This compact gym bench is built for free-weight workouts. What’s more, its build makes use of a solid metal frame—meaning it can handle your body plus the weights you’re lifting. Once you’re through with the workout, use the wheels up to give it a lift or move the bench.

  • Innovative design - Technogym Bench’s design answers the need for maximum versatility. This bench allows a wide range of fitness routines in the smallest workout station thanks to its small footprint and enclosed tools.

  • Tools included with the bench - Switch your training to an exciting, easier, and remarkably effective functional workout for the best experience. This all-in-one workbench with tailored built-in storage holds the tools you need for your total workout. Fitness tools include weighted knuckles, elastic bands, dumbbells, and a gym mat.

  • One bench, over 200 exercises - As a modern all-inclusive functional training solution, the Technogym Bench avails almost limitless training options in one station. Apart from the fitness solution’s innovative build and tools, users and sportspeople also have access to a vast library of video workouts. Discover infinite exercise options when you invest in this bench. Build your strength, endurance, and work on your core muscles.

Technogym Bench is the Perfect Bench for Weight Training

Whether you’re keen on weightlifting or need a fitness solution to practice exercises like triceps dips or leg lifts, Technogym’s multi-functional bench is the ideal bench for full-body workouts with weights set for your home gym. This bench is more than all other typical workout bench and weights—it’s a complete training station. It comes with five pairs of hexagonal dumbbells (sitting in their inbuilt holders, purposely designed to avoid finger smashing ), a set of elastic bands, alongside a training mat for comfort and stability.

This high-end bench has all the tools you need for your at-home training session. But here’s the best part, the weight bench can fit easily in your living room, recreation room, or home office thanks to its sleek design.

Exercises You Can Do with Our Multifunction Bench

Move on from worrying about balancing cardio and strength training. Now you can work on burning calories while also developing your lean muscles using one compact piece of exercise equipment. No matter your fitness goals—the Technogym Bench will support you when you want to get to new heights and equally help you push your boundaries.

Maximize the dumbbells—practice limitless weight training routines, focusing on isolating single muscle groups or a set of muscles for a full-body blast.

Flexible and robust elastic bands foster mobility through stretching, while also providing incremental resistance when practicing strength exercises.

Core power-ups— the weighted knuckles will push your core and bolster your strength.

Final remarks

Before buying home gym equipment, be sure to do your research. Think carefully before entrusting your well-being to a cheap weight bench. Simply put, you’d not want to risk getting hurt by going for a cheap, structurally questionable weight bench. Technogym Bench is all you need to reach your fitness goals.