Skill Line


The only stationary bike with a real gear shift that lets you experience the thrill and challenges of outdoor cycling. Infinite virtual routes to explore. Precise, valuable feedback to improve your power and efficiency. Breathtaking races to enjoy with your friends, and much more.

Shift to real riding
Shift to real riding

The first stationary bike with a real gear shift

Face the deadliest climbs with the most natural ally of any cyclist. By shifting gears, riders can counter the change in resistance and maintain the correct power and cadence for maximum efficiency. The console displays the gear and gear ratio selections in real time.

Multidrive Technology

The gear shift is a key enabler of the Multidrive Technology, allowing riders to switch from power-based trainings to hill climbing simulations. Boost your strength and endurance, and maximise efficiency in a new, engaging way.

Designed for real riding

Enjoy the same feeling as outdoor cycling with Skillbike’s riding design which reproduces the biomechanics of outdoor bicycles. The frame and handlebar are designed to accommodate different riding positions and postures: road, time trial and mountain bike.

Road System Effect

When you ride outdoors, weight and pedalling style matter. The patented Road System Effect enables Skillbike to react based on these and other parameters, delivering the most realistic and personal feeling.

A complete Indoor Trainer
A complete Indoor Trainer

Gather all the relevant data to monitor your ride. Choose among different pre-set routes, tests and workouts to train like a pro. Sync with third-party apps and explore real routes. With its smart console, Skillbike releases your inner athlete.

All your data at glance

The integrated 7-inch Connected Colour LCD Console provides all the data you need to monitor your ride in real-time.


Thanks to its Pedal Printing™ technology, Skillbike gives you continuous visual feedback on the circularity and symmetry of your pedalling stroke at the different gear ratios to improve your efficiency. With each pedal revolution the torque symmetry between right and left legs is analysed and reported in real time.

Craft your ride

Skillbike gives you the freedom to choose targeted exercises and routes that fit your goals. Trainers can also create dedicated workouts using the Technogym Neuromuscular Training™ method and Prescribe app.


Evaluate your threshold power to choose the best training level for you. And with the new 3 minutes test can assess your FTP in less time than ever.

Real Routes

Live the excitement of mountain roads and trails. Import your preferred Strava routes. Enjoy the emotion of a Zwift ride while competing with your friends all over the world or connect your Garmin devices. Outdoor cycling meets indoor cycling with Skillbike.

Summit your next mountain

Whether you are training for a target distance or elevation or just feel like hitting a new route, saddle up and go with Skillbike. You can choose from pre-installed routes or import your own from Strava.

Ignite your passion

Break into the virtual realms of Zwift® or in Rouvy®'s real tracks and compete against cyclists around the world. Explore new adventures every day with Strava® infinite routes. Track your outdoor routes with your device, and ANT+ FE-C technology brings them under your tire.

Skillbike Class
Skillbike Class

Don't call it cardio. This is the one experience that puts pro racers to the test. Welcome to the arena of performance cycling.

Don't call it cardio. This is the one experience that puts pro racers to the test. Welcome to the arena of performance cycling.