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If anyone ever suggested that exercise can’t be attractive, show them the Recline Personal designed by Antonio Citterio. Superior micropolished steel frame, exquisite craftmanship, refined finish. Never your workout was this comfortable, never more effective and compelling. Turn the bike’s loudspeakers on: the Wellness revolution is about to start.

Revolutionary beauty
Revolutionary beauty

Working out on a designer’s masterpiece becomes an everyday habit. Enjoy the most comfortable way of staying in shape while adding a touch of glamour to your interior.

A shape like no other

Biomechanics applied to elegant design let you pedal in harmony with your senses and surroundings.


Total comfort

The adjustable ergonomic seat designed by Vitra ensures that you’ll maintain correct posture without straining your back muscles.


Get on in an instant

The broad Quick & Easy pedals can be adjusted using simple, intuitive straps. The closure system, similar to that used for snowboard boots, lets you pedal even more stably. And the central handlebar gives better accessibility and an even more comfortable position.


All within reach

Adjust your posture in an instant. Switch to the next difficulty level in a single tap. Use the hand sensor to monitor your heart rate and let it guide your training intensity. It’s all within reach.


Train to the beat

Immerse your workouts in a rich and nuanced sound. The loudspeakers are discreetly lodged under the seat. You can play all your favourite music from your Apple or Android device via Bluetooth®.


Details to love

The gleaming surfaces of Recline Personal are a pleasure to the eye. The secret lies in the particular micropolishing process we applied to the metal surfaces, a shiny finish bringing light to any environment.

Immersive workouts

The Live touchscreen 15.6’’ interface brings the whole world at your fingertips. Let the music flow from the integrated speakers and drive you to higher achievements. Choose exciting training programmes and seize your objectives faster, while enjoying every second of your workout.


Each Technogym Routine contains a variety of movements and exercises, whose intensity is automatically set up by the equipment. You will receive step-by-step guidance either by video, if you are on the Routine-dedicated screen, or by pop-up messages, if you are enjoying entertainment content.

Connect your Apple Watch

Pair your Apple Watch contactless with the console to connect instantly and start communicating with Technogym Live. Monitor your heart rate in real time from the display on the equipment: your results get tracked automatically on Apple Health as soon as the workout is finished.

Technogym Plus

Cycling, yoga, boxing, HIIT, strength and more video training Sessions, with the best trainers showing you proper exercise form and motivating you to achieve maximum results. Free forever when you buy Recline Personal.