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Technogym's new Performance Bar marks a new step in weightlifting standards. Designed for intensive use with heavy weights, it combines supreme steel quality, exclusive knurling for ultra solid hand grip, while both needle and ball bearings guarantee an optimal spin of the sleeves.

Raising the bar

When you train to reach the top, you need the top tools to back you up. The Performance Barbell combines the highest quality materials with precision engineering to meet your most demanding athletic standards. With 245000 PSI of tensile strength, this barbell’s steel can carry all the weight you may want to challenge yourself with, and show no sign of bending or residual damage after use.100% non-disruptive control tests guarantee their reliability (with laboratory certification applied on each bar) A compound system of 2 needle bearings, 2 lubricated sealing sphere bearings and one bronze bush on each sleeve allows a smooth spin and protection from damage.

Special knurling

The Volcano cut knurling, stretching out to the limits marked by the sleeves rings, is specifically designed for a medium-to-hard grip, especially useful when the weight load is particularly heavy. It’s interrupted only in the two markings for Olympic weightlifting (810 mm) and powerlifting (910 mm), and in the central part to avoid friction with the athlete’s body.