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The Group Cycle Connect bike features high power accuracy, on-the-fly adjustments, more resistance to sweat and iconic Technogym styling. All of this is packed into a compact product that comes in two color versions and fits easily into any space.

Feel your ride
Feel your ride

Discover a new kind of group riding experience. One that combines music, visual effects, and performance data to create an interactive training that inspires you to move. Turn up your ride with Group Cycle.

Discover a new kind of group riding experience. One that combines music, visual effects, and performance data to create an interactive training that inspires you to move. Turn up your ride with Group Cycle.

Details that matter


Sweat it out

The water-repellent design, completely sealed flywheel and the new rubber gasket make the bike even more resistant to sweat. The scratch-resistant coating means shoe cleats won’t leave a mark. Increase your bike’s lifespan.


Ready to go, built to last

With the new locking system, the handlebar is easy to adjust and incredibly sturdy. The updated ergonomic handle design streamlines the setup process.


Reliability you can trust

The new power regulation system guarantees accuracy of +/- 2% in every condition and delivers incredibly sensitive tactile feedback.

Standard or XL: which suits you best?

The Group Cycle bike is available in two versions: standard or XL. The handlebar of the XL version extends for an extra 10 cm, reducing fatigue on the back for taller users and makes bodyweight exercises more comfortable.

Group Cycle Connect

Group Cycle Connect is the indoor cycling bike that allows users to track training data and consequently monitor and improve their performances. The real-time data updates enables users to set new workout parameters every time according to personal individual performances. Much more than just a magnetic resistance exercise bike, this indoor bike combines latest-generation connectivity with cycling analytics and data and is extremely easy to use, offering a multi-sensory experience.

A console destined to improve results

The Technogym connected indoor cycling bike is provided with a self-powering console. Powered by the user’s motion, users can sign into the Console via Qr Code, Bluetooth Smart or NFC technology.  Its LCD display is LED-backlit in order to guarantee extra visibility in darker environments. Furthermore the touch screen makes changing elements easier and immediately without interrupting the flow of exercise. Cadence (rpm), power output (n Watt with +/-2% accuracy), %Power (FTP%), Kilocalories consumption and speed are just some of the trackable data available thanks to the Wi-fi console. In particular, the heart rate reading from a heart rate chest strap guarantees a safer and more efficient workout. To practice an indoor training workout at professional standard the threshold power test is recommended. Users can assess their threshold power and heart rate by tracking and saving data in two ways: submaximal and maximal effort.

Professional performances

Whether you want to burn calories, prepare for a cycling race or stay in shape, Group Cycle Ride represents a complete and realistic indoor cycling experience to help you reach your goal. Resistance is adjustable up to 20 levels with simple tactile clicks every 45°. The Q factor is 155mm (6.1”) which is the space between pedals mirrors that of outdoor road bikes. As a result, it ensures a proper posture and an uncompromising performance whilst cycling. The flywheel resistance system measuring consists of rare earth neodymium that provide the strongest type of permanent magnets available. Finally, the Poly V-belt drive system provides cyclists with a smooth, quiet and realistic road feel.

Product features

Group Cycle once assembled measures L1171xW589xH1047 mm (L46”xW23”xH41”) and has an assembled weight of 67kg (147.7 lbs).  The bike is easy to move as it comes with two wheels and has a minimal incline. All the adjustment notches are easy to reach and more visible due to the permanent laser markings.  The iron frame is provided with a waterproof and scratch-resistant coating. Group Cycle Connect has black guards but the frame colour is available either in pearl grey or in yellow. Discover more on Group Cycle Ride , the indoor bike with on-the-fly settings, Q-factor and Belt drive system that transforms traditional indoor cycling into a completely new experience.