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Technogym's dumbbells are designed to let you train naturally, giving you total control of movement and allowing you to recruit more muscles, more efficiently.


High-resistance rubber protects the ground and other dumbbells.


The materials and manufacturing processes used give you a safer workout experience. The external coating is firmly secured to the heads through a chemical polymerisation process.


Be precise in your workouts and recruit more muscles more efficiently.

Perfect grip

The entire surface of the handle is textured, giving you a tighter feel and more solid grip. Made of a special, high-quality steel, the handle is resistant to scratches and damage.

Dumbbell: from 4 kg to 36 kg

Looking for the best set of dumbbells for your home gym? Dumbbells let you mimic the same moves you do with kettlebells. If you intend to build your strength while also adding a level of resistance to your movement, a pair of dumbbell is the first item that comes to mind. This fitness tool allows you to build strength and rev up your cardio—especially when you want to squeeze an incredible workout into your busy schedule. Now, if you're thinking of getting weight sets, here's a guide on that, including some of the best weight training routines you should try out.

Create your Dumbbell set and improve your strength

Weight training tools can be fixed or adjustable. Whatever the case, a good dumbbell set should have all the weights that you need. These weights start from dumbbell 4 kg and progress upwards at intervals of 2.5kg. For an average person, a dumbbell 10kg or 8kg would be sufficient for a general workout. But for serious strength building, you can have the dumbbell 16kg. However, for professional athletes who participate in competitions, weight solutions of 20kg to 36kg would be suitable for practice and personal challenges. Now, there are many factors you'd want to consider while buying fitness weights. These include shape, type of grip, material quality, durability, and your own fitness goals. Their shapes can either be round or hexagonal. Round dumbbells are best placed on the rack, while hexagonal dumbbells can be placed on the floor since they don't roll. Some have textured grip, while others use rubber. Technogym Dumbbells come in both shapes and superior materials to ensure their durability. Getting your own set is the best way to enjoy the dumbbell benefits. speaking of benefits, here're some you should know of.

Dumbbell: the benefits

You can do all sorts of exercises with dumbbells, some of which are impossible to do with a barbell. In addition, a dumbbell workout can be done anywhere and takes less time. Each of these exercises targets specific muscles of your body, ensuring that you get a complete workout. As such, they help to strengthen bones and muscles and stimulate their growth. Other than that, dumbbells are safer to use compared to barbells as chances of injuring your chest while chest pressing are minimal. Also, you don't need a person to hand you the weight and take it when it gets too heavy. But having the weights and knowing how to use them are two different things. Using them the right way ensures a balanced workout for optimum results. Let’s look at some excellent weight routines you can add to your daily workout to engage multiple body muscles.

Dumbbell exercises: here are the best

1. Standing Curls

Hold two dumbbells, one for each arm, with your grip facing forward. From a standing position, lift the weights to your shoulders by bending your elbow. Lower them back to the starting position. This exercise is good for your entire arm muscles, especially the biceps.

2. Squats - Goblet Squats

Hold one weight tool with both arms next to your chest. Have a shoulder-width stance. Bend at the knees and lower yourself down to the squat position. Raise yourself back up without changing your feet position. This exercise is good for your entire leg muscles and your glutes.

3. Clean and Press

Hold the dumbbells on your sides with straight arms. Raise them to the rack position next to your shoulders by bending your arms. Push them overhead by straightening your hands up. Lower them to the rack position then to the starting position. This exercise is great for building strength and explosive moves.

4. Side/Lateral Raises

Start from a standing position with each arm holding a weight. Raise the dumbbells with stretched arms away from your body to the height of your shoulders or higher. Lower them back to the starting position. Now, bend over and try to do the same thing. This will work out your shoulders and back muscles.

5. Bench/Chest Press

This is one of the best dumbbell exercises for the chest. To do it, start by lying on a bench or the ground. Hold the dumbbells with each arm while lying on your back. Push them up above your chest and then lower them down.

6. Deadlifts

Hold the dumbbells in front of your thighs. Lower them down close to the floor while bending at the hip. Pull them back up to the starting position by straightening the hip instead of bending your arms. This exercise will work out your hamstrings, glutes, hip, and the lower part of your back.

7. Bent-Over Row

Hold the weights with straight arms and bend forward from your hip. Pull the weight towards your core by bending your arms instead of levelling your hip. Lower them till your hands are straight, then pull back again. This targets the muscles in the middle of your back.

8. Triceps Kickback

Hold your dumbbells while standing, with your grips facing each other. Bend forward from your hip to almost 90 degrees. Keep your upper arms parallel or slightly above your upper body. Lift the weights backward by moving your forearm only. This exercise will work out your triceps.

Final Note

For each exercise, you can use one or two dumbbells. Then repeat each move about ten times before changing to the next exercise. Remember, each exercise targets specific muscles, so you'd want to mix them up to achieve a full-body workout. If you don't have dumbbells yet, make sure you get the best from Technogym and get started with your dumbbell workout.