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Take the finest ergonomics an elliptical trainer can offer. Imbue them in the timeless beauty of its shiny details. Top it off with the digital, connected interface and there you have it: the total body workout turns into the multisensory experience you deserve.

In pursuit of the perfect shape
In pursuit of the perfect shape

Cross Personal goes far beyond the concept of elliptical trainer. Its digitally guided experience and impeccable design make your training as pleasant as its looks.

Cross Personal goes far beyond the concept of elliptical trainer. Its digitally guided experience and impeccable design make your training as pleasant as its looks.

Total body charm

Let the mirrored details add light to your home interior: a vivid reflection of your active lifestyle.


Precious material

The stylish, award-winning lines by designer Antonio Citterio are underlined by the sleek mirror finish of the micropolished steel details.


A sound like no other

Play all your favourite music from your Apple or Android device via Bluetooth®, the surround sound effect will surprise you every time.


Quiet workout

Cross Personal operates in a completely smooth fashion, making for a comfortable, stylish home environment.


Intense, yet easy

With a total body movement that excludes ground impact, Cross Personal allows you to perform intense cardio training with minimal perception of fatigue and no stress on the joints.

Connected training

Start your unique journey into wellness: the Live interface combines exciting workouts with a connected experience. In short, it’s your interactive Personal Trainer.


Each Technogym Routine contains a variety of movements and exercises, whose intensity is automatically set up by the equipment. You will receive step-by-step guidance either by video, if you are on the Routine-dedicated screen, or by pop-up messages, if you are enjoying entertainment content.

Connect your Apple Watch

Pair your Apple Watch contactless with the console to connect instantly and start communicating with Technogym Live. Monitor your heart rate in real time from the display on the equipment: your results get tracked automatically on Apple Health as soon as the workout is finished.

Technogym Plus

Cycling, yoga, boxing, HIIT, strength and more video training Sessions, with the best trainers showing you proper exercise form and motivating you to achieve maximum results. Free forever when you buy Cross Personal.

Cross Personal leads total body to new levels of performance and style. Designed by Antonio Citterio it is the first cross trainer integrating a real entertainment platform.


Silent fluid movements

Cross Personal is an ideal home gym equipment. The technology behind the braking system is based on a special electromagnetic device which ensures fluid and silent movement for extreme comfort at home. You can choose to train in silence or training at the wrap-around sound of your music: Cross Personal is equipped with high-performance Treble Dolby Surround tweeter speakers for an incredible Dolby Surround effect.

Design and entertainment

The sleek aesthetics and smooth aluminum reflective surfaces give it a streamlined look that mirrors and enhances its fluid, flowing motion. The cross trainer features the digital console Technogym Live to surf the web, access to your personal content, connect with friend and much more.  

Cross trainer for safety and performance 

With the telemetric chest strap or the hand sensors you can monitor your heart rate for an effective and safe training to reach your wellness goals. Cross personal is recommended for losing weight and total body workouts. In addition it is possible to exercise without placing joints under stress.