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Introducing the new Bike Personal, a high-end exercise bike with a compact footprint and elegant design to shape the gym of your dreams in any environment. Getting addicted to your training was never this easy: the built-in Technogym Coach helps you reach your fitness objectives guiding you step by step.

A new icon is born
A new icon is born

Watch how the unique touch of Antonio Citterio’s design meets more than three decades of research in biomechanics. The revolutionary Technogym Coach motivates you right in the convenience of your home.

Watch how the unique touch of Antonio Citterio’s design meets more than three decades of research in biomechanics. The revolutionary Technogym Coach motivates you right in the convenience of your home.

An enchanting exercise bike

Not just indoor cycling at home: Bike Personal is beauty in movement.

Little footprint. Massive potential.

If you consider Bike Personal by the space it takes, you’ll be surprised: it’s the smallest high-end exercise bike. But take the looks, the ergonomics, connectivity, contents and workouts. Simply great, by any other dimension.

Endless training variety

Get more engagement and motivation than ever with a personal trainer at your fingertips that will guide you through a one-on-one session. Choose among Technogym Sessions, Routines, beautiful outdoor scenery, and reach your best shape.

Authentic feeling. Easy rides.

Every detail of this extraordinary indoor bike is carefully designed and crafted. Every ride feels as natural as pedalling on the road.

Natural pedalling

The roundness and smoothness of the stroke hit you the instant you start pedalling. And thanks to the advanced biomechanics and reduced distance between the pedals, it feels just like being on two wheels.

Ease of use

Saddling up on an upright bike was never this easy thanks to the wide walk-through space.

All under control

All controls are close at hand. Change resistance with a touch of your finger. The built-in hand sensors measure your heart rate, so you always get to train at the right pace.

Power up your devices

Recharge your batteries while you work out. The wireless charger tops up your devices while you train, so you won’t be left out of juice later.

Smart. Connected. Personal.

The Technogym Live interface brings you irresistible one-on-one Sessions, HIIT Routines, goal-oriented exercises. Moreover: internet, social media, TV, Netflix. And much more.


Choose your Technogym Session, based on your personal goals, and the virtual trainer will guide you through a one-on-one session, offering encouragement and suggesting the level of intensity, which you are free to follow or change. There are six Sessions to each goal-based training series.

Connect your Apple Watch

Pair your Apple Watch contactless with the console to connect instantly and start communicating with Technogym Live. Monitor your heart rate in real time from the display on the equipment: your results get tracked automatically on Apple Health as soon as the workout is finished.

Bike Personal: The High-end Exercise Bike

Looking for an elegant design within a compact footprint in an upright exercise bike? Bike personal gives you everything you’re looking for in such an exercise bike.

Yet that’s not all, it also adds entertainment to form one irresistible masterpiece for your home gym. With this upright exercise bike, exercising alone at home will no longer be an issue since it creates an environment that’s like the one you’d get from a real gym.

Now, look past its sleek frame, digital user interface, range of features, plus elegant finish—and no matter what your fitness or weight loss needs are, this bike will get you in shape.

This exercise tool for home lets you have access to many fitness trainers. Likewise, you can chat, catch up with your favourite TV shows, plus listen to music and much more, all from your bike.

These feature make it the ideal fitness equipment when you want to kick start your fitness routine from the comfort of your home.

Let’s see how this exercise bike with coach can provide fitness training right in your house.

Be motivated with the Technogym Coach

Admittedly, physical fitness has great benefits, but only when you do it the right way. And that’s where a coach comes in. An exercise bike with coach ensures that your virtual trainer is there for you 24/7. Best of all, you don’t just have access to one coach; you have several of them. That’s the kind of support bike personal provides you to help you achieve your workout goals.

Next, the bike comes with many pre-recorded training sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of exercising, such as speed, stamina, and strength. These sessions give you plenty of room for improvement.

For instance, if you start as a beginner, you can progress to intermediate and advanced sessions over time. At the same time, you can set goals you want to achieve, such as the distance to cover or heart rate to maintain.

Compact and design, Technogym Bike is the perfect exercise bike for your home gym

Bike Personal is a compact exercise bike that can fit in any space in your house. However, the small size of the bike is not to be underestimated. Its strength and performance are highly impressive. You can’t move it or trip it sideways no matter how hard you peddle.

That now brings us to how you peddle. Here, you will surely notice the comfort and the excellent ergonomics this design exercise bike comes with. Its outstanding sleek design amplifies the interior design of the room where you place it.

Further to that, the design makes it easier for you to use it. With controls closer to the hand, you can change resistance level with the touch of your finger. And if you happen to be relatively tall, you’ll have no problem fitting in the spacious walk-through space.

Safety is also given high regard in the bike. An integrated heart rate monitor is there to ensure your workouts are within safe limits. Never mind that indoor training is a lot safer and convenient than outdoor training.

Other features that make the Bike Personal exercise bike unique

There’s a lot to love about this fitness tool for home;

  • Entertainment. This exercise bike with programs is loaded with many entertainment apps like Netflix, YouTube, TV, and social media. All these are presented to you through the HD screen right in front of you. This is excellent news for you; you can’t miss your favourite TV show just because it coincides with your exercise time. Neither will you have to pause exercise to chat with friends on social media. This tool, therefore, ensures you get the most out of your time.

  • Outdoor training. Where would you like to train from? Choose your location from the outdoor feature, and the bike will take you there. Explore cities such as Rome and Madrid. Ride on sunny beaches, trails, and other natural scenes, all from the comfort of your home.

  • Wireless charging. As you exercise, you get to charge your phone on-the-go using the wireless charger. Plus, if you’re using your smart device during the exercise, it won’t run out of power the whole time you’ll be riding. What’s more, since it’s where you can see it, you won’t miss an important call.

  • Personalisation. Whereas you can share the bike with your family members, once you switch to your dashboard, you have access to your personal content, such as your fitness records and your favourite TV shows.

  • Technogym Live Digital Platform. Try out this solution for all your fitness trainers’ classes at home, gym, workplace, hotels on a smart bike, rowers, treadmill. This platform lets operators to stream club or studio fitness classes to their members—anywhere, any time.

Get Your High-End Exercise Bike Today

This high-end exercise bike is purposely designed by world renowned architect and designer Antonio Citterio to make your exercise more comfortable, interactive, and fun. With this exercise solution, your home gym will be livelier, and you’ll always be more excited about your next fitness session.

Get your Bike Personal today and enjoy physical fitness in a classic design with endless entertainment. Just the kind of gym equipment everyone would love to have in their fitness resources.