High Intensity Classes
High Intensity Classes

High intensity training is also the highest trend in group exercising. When you feel the rush of HIIT once, it’s hard to go back to other types of training. And when you hit your peak heartbeat, change happens. With our high-intensity classes, you can now offer that transformative rush in the most enjoyable and purposeful way.

Why choose Technogym classes

Each one of our classes is a comprehensive fitness system which includes top-notch equipment, vast programming, and a seamless digital platform to manage bookings and tracking.

Which HIIT class is best for you?

There is no short answer. All HIIT classes work differently and with slightly different goals in mind. Our classes are particularly suitable to a boutique studio environment. They, are also rapidly spreading to fitness clubs with their addictive qualities. A notable and crucial difference between the Skillrun Bootcamp and Skillmill HIIT lies in the equipment involved. The choice is particularly important in a club setting, where the equipment can be made available when a class isn’t running. The Skillmill is non-motorized, offering sled push options that can effectively boost the development of the posterior chain. On the other hand, Skillrun is the ultimate treadmill experience offering both the sled push and parachute training modes, in addition to developing top-end speed capacity. Both classes aim to enhance performance levels through purposeful programming. Performance Training is similar in its objectives, but offers a more comprehensive model built around athletic training. Take the four basic performance capacities – power, stamina, speed, and agility – unleash them through the Skillathletic scientific approach and add the energy of a community that progresses together, workout after workout. This is your unique chance to offer different classes every week that target specific capacities for exhaustive athletic training.