Multifunctional Bench

Technogym Bench

Technogym Bench

Get the all-inclusive functional training kit that empowers you to perform myriads of total body workouts. It combines elastic bands, hexagon dumbbells, weighted knuckles and a training mat in a compact footprint.






Unica is the compact multi gym for strength training at home: complete, comfortable, and versatile, in just 16 square feet.


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Free weights


Power Personal

Hundreds of strength and functional exercises. Unparalleled comfort, safety, and ease of use. Innovative design and sophisticated materials combine to elevate your training experience.

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Bench Personal

Designed by Antonio Citterio, the essence of Bench Personal is performance with simplicity. Modern manufacturing technology embraces elegance and craftsmanship, using machined aluminium to represent a new standard in the industry.


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Adjustable Bench

This multi-purpose bench has a simple, compact design created specifically for barbell and dumbbell workouts. It's easy to store and move around, even at home, with integrated wheels and handle.


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Kinesis Personal

Improve strength, coordination, flexibility and posture control with the ultimate piece of designer gym furniture for the home and wellness spaces.


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Weight equipment: take your fitness and home gym up a level

Gym Equipment Guide - find the right weight equipment for you

Are you looking for your next suitable weight lifting equipment? We’ve got your back. Learn about weight equipment. From weight equipment or a weight lifting set to gym weights, we’ll help you get the most out of your weights for your home gym.

Workout benches: our solutions

Proper workouts mainly boil down to positioning. For this reason, a workout bench lists among the most versatile pieces of weight lifting equipment you can invest in for your home gym. These weight benches are an excellent choice when you want to add size, strength, or power to your upper body. Here the Technogym bench leads the pack. This stylish all-inclusive functional training kit is every fitness enthusiast’s best ally. Alongside the weight bench with weights, this fitness bench also assembles a myriad of fitness tools, including elastic bands, hexagon dumbbells, and a training mat. Power Personal is Technogym’s signature solution for strength training. From presses, dumbbell fitness bench presses, to incline bench superset, and more, the moves you can practice on this exercise bench are nearly limitless. Work out with tons of triceps, focusing on skull crushers, glute bridges, or ab moves. Additionally, you can also do incline rows, quad, and leg moves, including split squats and more bicep moves than you can think of with this adjustable bench. At its core, Bench Personal blends performance and unrivaled style with a focus on simplicity. Thanks to its ultramodern design that combines elegance and superior craftsmanship, athletes and fitness lovers can fix the bench in multiple positions using only one hand—an innovative setup that provides you with maximum versatility. Yes! Adjusting a workout bench has never been so easy.

Unica: home gym system

Maximize your available space by installing Unica in your home. Designed with the modern fitness enthusiast in mind, this gym station takes into account your wellness needs. Are you searching for inspiration? Let’s explore several ways you can get the most out of your home gym system. Unica is a fashionable multi gym machine. Its design features include class, uniqueness, and multi-functionality. These attributes ensure it delivers value for your small home gym, and you can maximize the available space for your home for gym equipment. Here, let’s look at some setups:

  • Pair Unica with a wellness rack to boost your experience during upper body training alongside a multifunctional Wellness Ball™ to help you work the abdominals and stretching.

  • Combine the Unica with other gym solutions like Wellness Tools™, strength plus stretching systems for a more complete training suite. Or combine Unica with Cross Forma to enhance your cardio training.

Power Personal: rack and weights for the stylish home

Turn strength into style. Built with practical strength training in mind, Power Personal Superior blends Rack Personal, Bench Personal, an assortment of dumbbells and weights, plus a barbell. This strength training equipment for home comes in handy when you want to train professionally or up your fitness in a home gym setting. Besides style, Power Personal builds on safety. For strength training to yield favorable results, the exercise has to be safe. And thanks to Power Personals Superior attributes like its intelligent lock system, the barbell holder features additional safety measures—meaning the home weight machine cannot unlock accidentally. Likewise, the grip on the bar has a customized chrome-plated surface, ensuring the weight training equipment is steady. Rack Personal expands on the safety and comfort features by ensuring the training area is immaculately neat. As such, an athlete can store dumbbells, weights, and kettlebells and train in a space free from obstacles and a safer environment. Enjoy infinite training possibilities. Power Personal provides extra accessories for your all-out and practical training. These include a functional training kit plus a Personal Mat for floor exercises, stretches, and yoga.

Weights for everyone

Apart from weight dumbbells, kettlebells plus free weight equipment make up other accessories for your weight benches and home gym setup. These fitness accessories are readily obtainable in various sizes designed for people of varying ability and levels of fitness. Free weights, dumbbells, and kettlebells come with tailored safety features thanks to a polymerization process and welding of the handle to ensure all the dumbbells come as one unit. This plan helps minimize the concern of any give or play. Due to the thick shock-absorbent materials in the dumbbells, these free weights for the home gym offer better protection and last considerably longer. As a result, fitness enthusiasts can benefit more from their workouts and push their gym weight to work harder for them. Remember, each of these benefits doesn’t come at the cost of aesthetics or professional standards— your gym equipment retains a sleek and modish design that’s not out of place in a stylish home.

Final Remarks

You don’t have to restrict your home workouts to only cardio. As a professional athlete or wellness enthusiast, you can build your muscles and tone your physique by investing in weight equipment. And hence, fittingly style your workout to your fitness goals.