Online classes and unlimited entertainment


Ride with the energy of the best trainers online


Netflix®, YouTube® and much more


Smooth and silent pedaling

Technogym Bike


Technogym Bike comes with 30 days of live and on-demand classes, Technogym Outdoor routes, profile-based exercises, and more apps included.


An online trainer by your side

Choose the workout that suits you best and the trainer will guide you, boosting your motivation. Check out your performance data and adapt the level of intensity at your convenience.


Dive into the experience

Enjoy live and on-demand indoor cycling workouts from your favourite trainers and fitness studios. Join the community, get your flywheel spinning and challenge riders from all over the world.


Expand your training off the bike

Achieve a full body workout by adding strength training exercises to your cardio routine. The rotating console ensures the best viewing experience from any workout position.


Train anywhere in the world

Let natural and urban landscapes captivate you while you’re working out. Be amazed by where your travels around the world can take you.


Enjoy your favourite content

Watch your most-loved Netflix series or TV programme on the HD display, go to YouTube playlists or browse the most popular websites*.


Connect your Apple Watch

Pair your Apple Watch contactless with the Bike and start communicating instantly with Technogym Live. Monitor your heart rate in real-time from the display on the equipment: your results get tracked automatically on Apple Health as soon as the workout is finished.

Join and share the fun


Choose your favourite trainers - each one will encourage you to give your all, in their own style.

Content mirroring from your device to the bike

There’s entertainment for everyone — TV shows, movies, music, games, sports and more. Plug in your Chromecast, Firestick or other compatible devices and stream hundreds of apps from your device to your Technogym Bike**

A professional exercise bike

Designed down to the last detail by our research centre, Technogym Bike is the result of more than 35 years of biomechanical research and a constant conversation with Olympic athletes. It adapts to your body in seconds, thanks to its quick settings. Pedalling is the smoothest and quietest ever. And that’s just the beginning.


Train to the beat

Sync your movement to the music and experience for an incredibly immersive workout.

Technogym Bike for your Facility

Technogym Bike can elevate the offering of facilities like health clubs, hotel rooms and even in the office.

*App subscriptions not included

** Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick or other compatible devices are not included with Technogym Bike. Content mirroring is available on Technogym Bike from 2021 version. Chromecast and Fire TV Stick trademarks are property of their respective owners.

*** The activation of a digital membership is required for the purchase of the Technogym Bike. You may choose to pause your membership anytime.


Do I need cycling shoes to use the Technogym Bike?

You can ride the Technogym Bike either using SPD® cleats shoes or wearing standard fitness shoes and securing them with the toe cages provided on the pedals.

How much space will Technogym Bike take up in my home?

Technogym Bike is only 590 mm wide and 1.5m long. It easily fits in most rooms and home-gyms.

What do I need to activate my bike?

To activate the Technogym bike, you need the Technogym Account (username/password) created or used during the Technogym Bike purchasing process

Can I add additional riders to my Technogym Bike?

Yes, in the log-in page just click on “+” to add up to 5 additional Technogym or mywellness accounts.

How can I review my workout details?

You can find your workout results in the Technogym APP, in the result section.

Can I use Bluetooth devices?

Yes, Technogym is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0. You can connect your headphones, speakers and heart rate device.

Can I use my heart rate monitor?

Yes. When you connect your Bluetooth heart rate monitor, your heart rate will be displayed in real time on the Technogym Bike screen.

Does Technogym Bike have speakers? Can I use headphones?

Technogym Bike comes with two integrated speakers. Any headphones with a standard 3.5 mm connector can be plugged into the screen and wireless Bluetooth headphones are compatible.

If you are looking for the best home exercise bike, the Technogym bike is an excellent choice. This fitness solution takes home exercising to a whole new level—with the Technogym sleek training bike combining exercising with entertainment. Take the way you train up a level. Explore the unrivalled features of this smart, connected, and elegant bike. But first, let’s find out why it’s the best exercise bike for your home.

Why Technogym Bike is the best exercise bike for the home

Technogym bike is not just any home exercise bike; it is a smart exercise bike with the most diverse features you can find. Experience superior training with this interactive exercise bike with programs. Unlock your fitness potential by connecting to world-class training apps ideal for your unique workout needs. Technogym’s Live Platform also helps you store your workout data in the inbuilt system. This app caters to family needs as it allows you to add 5 more people to your account.Next, the exercise tool’s resistance level of the pedals can be adjusted from 1 to 20. Besides that, users can also adjust the seat fittingly up and down. This flexibility makes it easier for kids and adults in the family to enjoy exercising on the Technogym Bike. Think about it, if you plan to spend considerable time indoors and need a dedicated exercise tool, getting fitness equipment that does everything is a smart move. But here’s the thing, the Technogym bike goes an extra mile—it provides for upgrades as technology advances in the future.

1) Many training sessions included

Training at home does not mean that you have to work out alone. This exercise bike for home can connect you to online training sessions where you get to link up with the best fitness trainers. Make the most of the all-inclusive Technogym bike which features Technogym Trainers’ on-demand classes, outdoor settings and total body workouts to boost your morale. Check out the Technogym bike monthly subscription with the live and on-demand classes and get to stream training sessions from your favourite trainers. Some of the extras include 30 days’ trial that’s added to 1Rebel and Revolution’s live plus on-demand classes. After the first month, you may opt to cancel, pause, or renew the subscription.

2) The large integrated screen allows for unique workouts

The Technogym bike is an exercise bike with integrated screen. The 22-inch full HD touch screen provides you with vivid images. This allows the training experience to mimic that of a class. Plus, there’s entertainment for everyone—from TV shows to movies, music, games, sports, among others. You can mirror content from your smartphone to the screen, with the sizeable integrated screen ensuring you enjoy mesmerizing workouts. As you ride on the pedals, the Technogym outdoors feature takes you on a trip where you enjoy a variety of urban and natural landscapes. This lets you exercise in an environment that parallels the setting you’ll find in virtual video games or when riding a real bike. Furthermore, the screen can be tilted to provide you with the best viewing angle even when you are not on the bike. At the end of the total body workout, the monitor displays your training data and your score which helps you to monitor your progress.

3) Always stay connected by participating in online training classes

Share the fun with other people. Online classes provide you with a chance to meet with professional trainers and other fitness enthusiast. Thanks to this feature, you get the morale to work hard and stick to your exercise routine. You can even compete with people from all over the world through the online platform. Do you have concerns that your schedule may sometimes make it hard to join the live sessions? Well, you can still benefit through the on-demand classes.

4) Netflix, YouTube, social or web: choose your favourite entertainment directly from the bike screen

Thanks to this exercise bike offering Netflix, YouTube, and many other entertainment websites, you don’t have to limit yourself to watching a movie, browsing the internet, or exercising. Now, you have the option to combine your activities the way you see it best. Browse social media and chat with friends while exercising. By doing the two activities at the same time, you are making the best use of your time. Else, you can exercise with a music rhythm in the background coming from the 20 watts surround sound speakers or headphones connected through the 3.5mm jack or via Bluetooth.

5) You can also pay for your exercise bike in instalments

With several payment options, Technogym allows you to pay for the bike either cash or in 36 monthly instalments at 0% APR. What’s more, delivery and installation assistance are provided with no extra charges for buyers within the UK mainland.

Bottom Line

Home exercising has never been more fun as it is with Technogym bike. Imagine a smart fitness machine that allows you to watch movies, listen to music, browse social media, and even play video games. With all these features and the flexible payment method, Technogym bike is no doubt the best home exercise bike and a must-have for every home.