TECHNOGYM MEDICAL SOLUTIONS - The world’s largest range of tailored solutions and technology for the prevention and treatment of major disorders

Technogym, world leader in the wellness, fitness and rehabilitation fields, will be present at MEDICA 2015 (Trade Fair Centre, Halle 4 - Stand G35) with a a wide range of certified products and solutions for the treatment and prevention of medical conditions including the first cloud based CRM platform for the medical industry.

Technogym has a 30 years long experience in the development of programmes and solutions and its leadership in the field of exercise-therapy make the company an ideal partner for the medical sector. In particular, Technogym’s extensive portfolio of products, services and solutions is able to support the work of operators at every phase, from prevention to rehabilitation, assessment and the creation of protocols.

This year at MEDICA the focus will be on the Mywellness Lifestyle CRM platform – the first and only open platform in the industry – a ground-breaking technology seamlessly connecting patients and medical operators.  With Mywellness, people can easily monitor and aggregate all of the data surrounding their physical activities, inside the medical centre and out, along with their daily movements and their evolving body measurements.

The data gathered through Mywellness Lifestyle presents various CRM opportunities for medical operators as they can analyze in real time their patients’ health habits and develop personalized programs tailor-made to their needs.

Technogym will be also displaying Selection Med, the world’s largest range of medical certified strength products for orthopaedic rehabilitation and sport training, featuring innovative, safe and versatile solutions.

Thanks to its innovative features and numerous settings – made clearly visible by the yellow visual flags – Selection Med offers a huge range of applications, from highly specific rehabilitation protocols to high performance athletic training, enabling treatment for a wide range of users with different needs.

The line has earned 93/42 CEE and TUV certifications that guarantee the highest standards of safety, quality and reliability. New safety guards also provide maximum protection and comfort.

Selection Med consists of 23 new products including the Leg Curl, Leg Extension and the innovative Leg Press, the world’s first pieces of equipment that combine the benefits of elastic resistance and weight stack training.



Move, Train, Play: Technogym introduces OMNIA (meaning “all things” in Latin), the equipment that offers countless possibilities for training – strength, resistance, stability, flexibility, coordination and speed – and satisfies the widest range of user needs, abilities and aspirations.

OMNIA 3 is the compact floor and wall-mounted version, which can stand alone or be fitted into an existing functional training area alongside other equipment.

Designed by world class experts in close cooperation with the Technogym Scientific Research Department, all OMNIA programs adopt a progressive approach built upon a 12-week timeframe and based on user needs and aspirations. This approach derives from Technogym Ability Training philosophy, that implements a structured progression through different ability levels. Greater functional efficiency is achieved because progression is no longer a linear concept, based on increasing loads or repetitions, but on multidimensional engagement of motion variables such as stability, movement complexity and full muscle chain involvement, done at the required ability level (controlled, balanced or advanced).



Kinesis One is 93/42 EEC certified as medical and rehabilitation equipment, making it ideal for facilities with members who have rehabilitative needs or limited mobility issues, as it offers a broad range of medically approved exercises and routines. Using FullGravity Technology, users activate complete kinetic chains rather than isolated muscles. This enables integrated, dynamic movements which can be customised and are suited to many different training objectives.



The new “Prescribe” app is Technogym’s professional application that allows medical operators to easily and quickly create truly personalised program for users, enabling them to differentiate themselves through superior quality of service. Prescribe also includes a full library of exercises that trainers can adapt to personalise training programmes, by modifying workloads to suit every client's level of physical fitness.

Thanks to the integration of the mywellness cloud - the Technogym cloud computing platform connecting consumers, operators and trainers in a seamless digital and premium environment – with professional health devices such as TANITA, OMRON and BIOSPACE, end users can now measure their biometrics  and monitor trends over time.

All the data is recorded and saved on the user’s personal account on the cloud and can be viewed by the operator.