Pure 系列

Pure 具有终极设计和卓越性能,符合人体工学,而且能使人在安全环境中体会到自由负重训练的自由和纯粹感受。


Pure 设备按照最高的生物力学、人体工学和安全标准而创造,在安全环境内赋予自由负重训练的自由和纯粹感受。Pure 系列包含加载杠铃片的设备、练习椅和摆放架,具有卓越性能、终极设计,是真正的综合产品组合,绝对适合您的精英训练区。


The Pure range - Machines Designed to Last

Machines Designed to Last

In our labs we carry out intensive testing of machines and components requiring maximum number of repetitions in 24 hours at maximal workload capability for set periods of time, stressing products well beyond their normal usage to assess conformity, endurance, tensile stress, deformation, shock, wear, etc., to ensure maximum durability and reliability.

The Pure range - Maximum Comfort and Ease-of-use

Maximum Comfort and Ease-of-use

Pure enables users to attain their most effective performances in total safety and comfort, thanks to Visual Set Up guides enabling the correct positioning of the body on the equipment and to Ergonomic Pads and Grips increasing stability and comfort during exercise.

The Pure range - Maximum Muscle Activation

Maximum Muscle Activation

Pure provides the best movement trajectory and best workload distribution, enabling users to find the most natural movement whilst maximising muscle recruitment and to achieve the optimum torque throughout the complete range of motion.

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