Cross Personal takes total body training to new levels of performance and style. Designed by Antonio Citterio it is the first cross trainer integrating a real entertainment platform.


Silent fluid movements
Cross Personal is an ideal home gym equipment. The technology behind the braking system is based on a special electromagnetic device which ensures fluid and silent movement for extreme comfort at home. You can choose to train in silence or train enjoying the surrounding effect of your music: Cross Personal is equipped with high-performance Treble Dolby Surround tweeter speakers that you can listen to with or without earphones. Design and entertainment The sleek aesthetics and smooth aluminum reflective surfaces give it a streamlined look that mirrors and enhances its fluid, flowing motion. The cross trainer features the digital console UNITY to surf the web, access to your personal content, connect with friends via Skype and much more.
The cross trainer for safety and performance
With the telemetric chest strap or the hand sensors you can monitor your heart rate for an effective and safe method of training to reach your wellness goals. Cross personal is recommended for losing weight and total body workouts. In addition it is possible to exercise without placing joints under stress.

Technogym D9573VF0000RC00S


Inclusive of VAT, transport and installation (if required)
  • Cross Personal椭圆机是一款带UNITY™操作台的交叉训练机,带给您个性化的娱乐体验。凭借Antonio Citterio的抢眼设计和包括环绕立体声在内的先进技术,Cross Personal椭圆机将训练变成了多感官体验。
  • 定价中包括增值税、2年质保、运输费用以及(如果需要的)安装费用;泰诺健公司提供的运输与安装为高质量的服务,极其注重细节,安装工作包括组装、器材定位、测试与安装场所最后清洁工作。服务可以在特定日期定购,选取适合您自身需求的时间。


Personal 产品系列

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