Spazio Forma is the best folding treadmill that guarantees high performance and functionality. When not in use the fold up treadmill takes up no more than one square metre. Spazio Forma is suitable for home workouts and allows you to run safely. Equipped with a braking system, which brings the treadmill to safe and complete stop when You have finished running.


What features should a home-treadmill have? Ensuring a workout in total safety. Accidental opening and closing of the running machine are avoided thanks to a double safety and locking system. Spazio Forma is a comfortable and compact treadmill because of its reduced width. This home treadmill is also provided with wheels that make it easy to move it from one room to another. Spazio Forma treadmill measures L2060mm x W790mm x H1380mm and despite being a compact treadmill, the running surface assures freedom of movement. The biomechanics of each piece of Technogym equipment are designed with the same standards as professional gym equipment and those used by Olympic champions. Spazio Forma allows training with an incline up to 12% and a maximum speed of 16 km/h.


The ability to train safely on home gym equipment is of the upmost importance to Technogym. For this reason, cardio equipment comes with advanced technology programmes such as Constant Pulse Rate, which allows you train to your target heart rate zone. It automatically modifies the speed of the treadmill based on your target. It also comes with a chest strap for an additional way to track your heart rate or you can simply use the Hand Sensors positioned on the treadmill. The Spazio Forma also comes with a support to secure your tablet to the console. Through automatic data tracking, coaching and measuring results will help to improve your performance every time you run.


Two years warranty is included and, if required, transport and installation. Technogym takes care of the entire sale through to the final installation and assembly of the equipment. Technogym verifies the treadmill works perfectly and takes care of the final cleaning of equipment and installation area. Technogym allows you to schedule the delivery and installation date in advance at a time that suits you.


New Forma Line for home and professional use. Forma Line is complete with bikes, recliners, treadmills and ellipticals. It is the cardio line to suit all kinds of spaces. In addition to Spazio Forma, discover Jog Forma treadmill, or cross trainer Synchro Forma. For Cycling lovers: Bike Forma and Recline Forma. Where space is limited, Forma Line is a great workout solution.

Technogym DDI52LN


€ 3.490,00
Inclusief btw, transport en installatie (als noodzakelijk)
  • Spazio Forma is een professionele loopband die opgeborgen kan worden en minder dan één vierkante meter in beslag neemt wanneer hij niet gebruikt wordt en het combineert prestatie en functionaliteit in een unieke oplossing.
  • Prijsstelling is inclusief btw, 2 jaar garantie, transport en installatie (indien vereist). De door Technogym geleverde transport- en installatiediensten zijn van hoge kwaliteit, met maximale aandacht voor detail. Installatie omvat assemblage en plaatsing van het toestel, testen en afrondende reiniging van de installatiezone. De diensten kunnen geboekt worden voor een specifieke dag en op een tijdstip dat het u schikt.

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