Recline Forma is Technogym's innovative and functional recumbent bike. Recumbent bikes are useful to those who suffer complaints of back pains. In fact, the main benefit of this type of home-gym equipment is keeping the correct posture during exercise.


The wide-walk through provided by Recline Forma facilitates an easy transition onto the bike. Especially for those who have mobility restrictions and who still want to practice moderate cardiovascular activity.

Recline Forma allows a safe warm-up for a greater protection of the back and blood circulation. The abdominal muscles are stimulated in this position helped by the seat with ergonomic backrest. The backrest has a slope of 110° allowing it to maintain a correct posture without adjustment. The seat, on the other hand, is comfortable and adjustable depending on the length of your legs.


Measuring L1600mm x W600mm x H1290mm, this exercise bike has a compact design that uses advanced technology to make it suitable for home and professional use. When used with the Bluetooth Forma Training Link and the Forma training app you can track and store all your workout data. You can also connect your iPad to the equipment to have access to all your favourite content to keep you motivated during exercise. The bike has a dedicated support for fixing the iPad to the console which helps to ensure the best view from all training positions. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can also scan the QR code from any piece of equipment from Forma Line. The wide library of exercises will allow you to perform a new workout every day.


Main benefits of the bike include: safety, easy maintenance and high quality. Designed with the same care and precision as professional equipment.


The Hand Sensor technology positioned on the handlebars allows you to detect your heart's rate progress during exercise in real time. Constant Pulse Rate technology will automatically change the speed and power depending on your target heart rate zone. This makes training safer and more effective when training for a specific fitness goal.


The price of Recline Forma is inclusive of VAT, two years warranty, shipping and installation. You can also plan a date and time of delivery that suits you. Find out more about other products from the Forma Line: Bike Forma, Synchro Forma and treadmills Jog Forma and Spazio Forma.

Technogym DED43LQ


€ 2.790,00
Inclusief btw, transport en installatie (als noodzakelijk)
  • Met zijn brede doorloopzone en comfortabele zitje, is Recline Forma de perfecte oplossing voor actieve volwassenen met rugklachten of beperkte mobiliteit die een matige cardio-activiteit willen.
  • Prijsstelling is inclusief btw, 2 jaar garantie, transport en installatie (indien vereist). De door Technogym geleverde transport- en installatiediensten zijn van hoge kwaliteit, met maximale aandacht voor detail. Installatie omvat assemblage en plaatsing van het toestel, testen en afrondende reiniging van de installatiezone. De diensten kunnen geboekt worden voor een specifieke dag en op een tijdstip dat het u schikt.

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