Power Personal basic configuration includes  Bench Personal , dumbbells, discs kit (55 kg) and Personal Mat the exercise mat created for Personal line.

Training with Power Personal Essential

Strength training with Power Personal Essential is particularly suitable for abs and shoulder and arm muscles. In general, increasing muscle mass contributes to the control of body fat, increasing joint mobility and, most importantly, improving the performance of daily activities.
To improve your workout Power Personal Essential offers digital content through the Technogym app   and its vast library of exercises and training programs.

The Essential configuration 

Bench Personal is in combination with a Free Weights kit including dumbbells and disks (55 kg) for a greater variety of exercises. Besides the Essential version includes  Personal Mat a padded mat in 3 sections for the maximum comfort during exercises: floor exercises, stretching or yoga.

Discover the other configurations 

For more performing strength training, Power Personal becomes Superior or Excellence. With those configurations it is possible to perform over 300 exercises. Lastly the Functional Upgrade Kit allows Suspension Training and workout with resistance bands.




La solution est conçue pour effectuer un grand nombre de routines d’exercices, ciblant les muscles des
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3 500,00 €
TVA, transport et installation inclus.
Le prix est TTC, et comprend 2 ans de garantie, le transport et l'installation. Le transport et
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