Music will transform and improve your running

Long ago humans used to run to primarily hunt food. We would run and chase our prey (sometimes over extremely long distances) until it tired out. We would then take it back to our cave – carrying or dragging it along – and eat it. Indeed, our bodies are built to cover extremely large distances – about 30km per day – although thankfully we no longer have to run just to survive!  However, due to technological progress and busy lifestyles turning us into sedentary beings, we now walk less than 1km per day.

The good news is that, over time, running developed from a survival tool into a competitive pursuit. Although, there is no exact date when we know running as a sport began, running did feature heavily in the early Olympic games, which date back to 776BC. Competitors would race in many different running events from a few hundred meters to a couple of miles.

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A few of hundred years later in 490BC a famous battle took place not too far from where the first Olympic running events were held in a place called Marathon, Greece. The Athenian army had defeated the invading Persian army and they sent a messenger by the name of Pheidippides to announce victory. He raced roughly 26 miles back to the city in the intense summer heat where he shouted “Victory!” and then collapsed dead because of exhaustion.

Benefits of Running

Today people commemorate his famous run from Marathon to Athens by running marathons themselves. However, not everyone who runs need call themselves a “marathoner”. Plenty of people run to stay fit and active whilst maintaining busy lives. There are numerous benefits from running, and including the following three:

Makes you happier

According to various studies, including one reported by BBC News in 2012, researchers found that even walking (on a treadmill or outdoors) could significantly lift the mood of someone suffering from a major depressive order and even reduce depressive symptoms to a large degree.

Strengthens your bones

There are numerous studies that show running is actually good for the bones in your legs, contrary to advice people might give you. Whilst you can get running related injuries to your legs, on the whole running will actually do more good than harm to your legs. Read this article on how to keep running fit and avoid injuries.

 Sharpens Mental Agility

Whilst running doesn’t cure age-related mental decline, it does help aid in preventing it. According to scientists reporting in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, they stated that running significantly enhances learning and memory.

Another benefit of running is that you can do it all year round. It isn’t a sport that you can only do if the weather is good. Thanks to modern day technology and treadmills, such as MYRUN, you can run either in the comfort of your own home or at the gym. Meaning that you cannot use the excuse “It’s too cold out!” and no reason to be a “fair weather runner”!

Discover more benefits of running and how to be a better runner by reading this white paper.

Music and running

Many people who are new to running, and even seasoned professionals, find that running can be monotonous at times. A perfect solution in which to take some of the temporary boredom out of it is to incorporate music into workouts. Music can often be motivational depending of course on the genre. Thus many people are inclined to plug in the headphones whilst they run to heighten their motivation, enjoyment levels, and performance.

According to a study by Dr. Coastas Karageoghis, in his book Inside Sports Psychology, listening to music whilst you run can positively affect your performance by 15%.

Not only is music good to listen to, in which to distract yourself from getting bored during a long, hard, intensive workout but it also helps to improve your mood. Therefore, if you are in a good state of mind when you are working out you will be less likely to cave into the the voice within your head telling you to give up.

Numerous studies suggest that the repetitive beat whilst you run synchronises brainwaves in ways that help you move to the music.

Naturally people have always been inclined to do whatever it takes to increase their sporting performance, such as buying nutritional products, working out more frequently, getting lightweight shoes, and even clothing that doesn’t create wind drag.

So having something that is cost effective and increases performance by relatively large margins is going to be a popular remedy for anyone from newbies to seasoned marathoners looking for a way to improve their times.

Modern technology such as iPods, smartphones and even treadmills themselves are allowing us to listen to music whilst we run. Go to the Appstore and you will find endless amounts of fitness apps that can help aid and track your performances whilst you workout, such as the free Technogym app.

Running Music by Technogym not only allows you to run to optimised music, thus therefore cancelling the need to create motivational playlists on your smartphone or iPod, but it also matches the music to your running, making it the first ever interactive treadmill. The revolutionary technology doesn’t stop there – the MYRUN TECHNOGYM treadmill also has a whole host of features that will help you grow as a runner to improve your running. It is the ideal treadmill for the whole spectrum of runners – from those starting out to those who run frequently.

These include:

  •  Improving your run: MYRUN’s Running Rate can measure your performance and grows with your increasing speed accordingly. It can also improve your step frequency, stride length and displacement (making sure you run straight) therefore giving you the best running experience possible.
  •  An adaptive running surface: MYRUN’s innovative Running Surface is adaptive to the way in which you run, therefore decreasing the risk of running-related injuries.
  •  Enhanced technology: Not only are you able to run to the music, but you can train to custom plans as well as running to both the music and also your pulse rate, meaning that you stay on track to achieve your goals.