The success of virtual cycling

Technology makes us more and more connected; and is increasingly able to provide us with personalized experiences based on our tastes, passions and personal goals, exactly when we want to experience them. This trend has already taken off and has undoubtedly been accelerated by the lockdown experienced in recent weeks which has furthered our desire to be able to access our favourite experiences from home at any time.
In the world of fitness and sport, we have witnessed a real boom in virtual cycling that allows you to try your hand at some of the most legendary stages of cycling, such as climbing the Alpe d'Huez or the Stelvio Pass for home. You have also been able to challenge your friends, participate in virtual competitions, or simply train following a specific program.

Today's indoor cycling technology allows you to live these experiences in an incredibly realistic way, thanks to professional products - such as MyCycling or Skillbike by Technogym - which, in addition to the accuracy of the intermediate measured data of watts, speed, slope and correct biomechanics, they guarantee connectivity with applications that allow virtual workouts such as Zwift or Rouvy.

MyCycling is Technogym's smart trainer which you can use with your bike. It is a compact, elegant and precise cyclosimulator that allows you to train at your best in the comfort of your home. The tool is controlled by a dedicated app, the MyCycling App in which there are both training sessions divided by objectives, and a complete training plan. The 'Technogym Neuromuscular Training', over a number of rides, will lead to you developing all the qualities necessary to improve your road cycling. MyCycling, however, is much more, it can be connected to the two most used and appreciated virtual training apps: Zwift and Rouvy. You can therefore have fun challenging your friends in pre-organized online competitions or simply pedaling in the company of other cyclists that you meet online along countless routes chosen by you. Thanks to the compatibility with Zwift and Rouvy, you can create an engaging, fun and varied training experience: whatever your training level, you can find the most suitable group to ride with in real time with friends, athletes and personalities.

You can then select the stage or the race from the large Zwift or Rouvy library and live it in a completely realistic way thanks to the video that will immerse you in the race scenario and the product completely synchronized with the route in terms of climb, speed, level of resistance etc.

If you want your cycling to emulate cycling on the road, Skillbike is the Technogym solution that brings the experience of pedalling on the road indoors. Skillbike is the only stationary bike fitted with real gear shift designed specifically for professional athletes training needs and for amateur cyclists and triathletes. When it comes to virtual cycling, Skillbike offers all Mycycling features and therefore connectivity with Zwift, Rouvy and Strava. You can experience the excitement and challenge of outdoor cycling and add an extra bit of fun to your rides thanks to the presence of a real mechanical gearbox, and, thanks to the Real Routes function, you can beat your personal records or compete against the whole world without giving up on fun.

If, in addition to choosing the routes included in the digital libraries, you want to create your own customized route, compatibility with Strava allows you to replicate your favorite outdoor route on SkillBike or Mycycling or to draw any route you want on the map and perfectly replicate it.
Due to the recent partnership signed with Ironman, Technogym through the Rouvy app, allows triathletes to participate in Virtual Races by measuring themselves against champions of the world over the most legendary routes of the discipline: from Kona to Hawaii to Taupō, in New Zealand, virtually savoring the evocative landscapes that have helped create the history of the Ironman competitions.

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