Tokyo: Games of Silence

The Italian Olympic Headquarter in Tokyo inaugurates an art installation promoted by Technogym that celebrates the athletic gesture in its most elegant and central artistic forms.

The Tokyo Olympics, the first major global sporting event since the pandemic and the spirit of the Games, have started bypassing all doubts and indecisions. From the 23rd of July to the 8th of August, twelve thousand athletes from over 20 countries will compete in pursuit of the highest Olympic dream, a goal that they have all been training hard for years.
With foreseen scenarios of limited capacity stadiums, less interaction from the public and a reduced number of side events, this non-ordinary edition features Silence as its protagonist and is the  driving inspiration behind the artistic installation Games of Silence, promoted by Technogym, world leader in fitness, sport and Official Supplier of the Tokyo Olympics. Premiering July 22nd at Casa Italia, this innovative multimedia exhibition is surrounded by a silent space like the actual sport area stands of  the modern-era post-pandemic Games with its portrayal of six young athletes from the Italian National team during their Olympic preparation both in the gym and on the competitive field. The dramatic black and white images and video shorts amplify the vacancy of sound: an absence of thunderous applause and choral cheer. Instead, the focus turns to a deeper, more intimate reflection on the pure meaning of athletic gesture during the  central solemn moment of the competition.
But it’s not a static silence. On the contrary, it is a transformed silence that captures the precise moment when an athlete’s focus becomes the purest concentration of physical effort, perfection of movement, rhythm and agony. The space of sound becomes physical and volumetric: when the athlete is alone in their own presence and in symbiosis with the body both as a machine and as a harmonious dance of movements.

Because there is no physical harmony without spiritual and mental harmony. Physical good, mental good, spiritual good become one. This is the purest expression of Wellness,” says the installation curator Davide Rampello. “Wellness that Technogym has been championing for over 30 years, represents a social opportunity for everyone across the spectrum from Politics, the Government, Companies and Individual citizens. The Olympics are an extraordinary opportunity to spread the culture of wellness through great athletes,” concluded Nerio Alessandri, President and Founder of Technogym.

Curated by Rampello & Partners Creative Studio, with photography and artistic direction by Marco Onofri and video maker Luca Gasperoni, the metaphorical and immersive exhibition-installation Games of Silence was inaugurated on July 22nd at Casa Italia.
Games of Silence features athlete protagonists:

Bruno Rosetti – Rowing
Edoardo Giorgetti – Swimming
Margherita Panziera – Swimming
Caterina Banti – Sailing
Ludovica Serafini – Rowing
Simona Quadarella – Swimming

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