Technogym MyRun wins Runner's World award for 'Best Treadmill 2022'

Technogym's innovative training solution has been selected by the world's leading running magazine as the best running equipment

Technogym MyRun - the compact and silent home treadmill which offers you a wide range of on-demand running and walking workouts – won the “Best Treadmill” award from Runner’s World.
The world's leading running community magazine tested the latest running fitness products to identify the best cardio equipment for strength, power and speed training.
After careful analysis, the best running products were selected to offer runners safe, effective and challenging workouts, taking their training sessions to a new level.

All the features of MyRun

Technogym MyRun is designed to meet the needs of the whole family and to offer customized running or walking programs suitable for users of all levels: from beginners to fitness lovers, to sports enthusiasts.
By simply placing your tablet on the MYRUN console, you will be able to choose your favorite trainer from the comprehensive library of on-demand content, including:

  • Technogym Sessions. If you are looking for a trainer who guides and motivates for the entire duration of your workout and who knows how to make a simple run even more fun, try Technogym Sessions and choose from a variety of workouts designed around your personal objectives
  • Technogym Routines. Having clear goals and a specific time to reach them can be really inspiring. Technogym Routines are a combination of different exercises and movements with varying intensity levels that challenges the user to always give their best.

Discover Technogym MyRun

MyRun's elegant design and compact footprint make it the perfect solution for the home – no matter the space available and interior design style - without compromising on performance, thanks to the best ratio between the running space and total footprint. Its running surface adapts to the way you run and absorbs impact efficiently, shielding your joints at lower speeds and offering more reactivity during sprints. With a variable incline up to 12% and speed max of 20 km/h, as well as the tracking of your biometric data – heath rate, cadence and stride length – Technogym MyRun allows you to find the optimal training intensity to reach your goals and keep them monitored. MyRun is easy to use even without a tablet, thanks to its quick start button and the joysticks allowing you to adjust speed and gradient on the go.

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