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The Home Fitness Strength Range

Work out in the privacy of your own home with carefully designed professional gym equipment characterised by the attention given to even the smallest of details

Home comfort strength training

Innovation, technology and design are the distinguishing features of the Home Fitness Strength range for muscle strengthening. The range includes multifunction equipment - UNICA™ Multipla™ and Pratica™ for toning all your muscles, improving your flexibility and posture and to help you train for sports competitions

Unique to this range

The Home Fitness Strength range - Careful design

Careful design

Your personal wellness space should fit perfectly with the design you have chosen for your home environment, making it a pleasure to train. Careful chrome-plating, luxury materials and intelligent design characterise all the equipment in the Home Fitness Strength range.

The Home Fitness Strength range - Limited size

Limited size

Besides being able to fit in perfectly with your own style of interior, Home Fitness Strength equipment takes up little space and can even fit into the smallest of homes.
UNICA takes up only one and a half square metres, while Multipla is 121cm wide and 85cm long.

The Home Fitness Strength range - Professional biomechanics

Professional biomechanics

All the products in the range are designed and made according to the fundamental principles of biomechanics with the best anatomical and physiological positions applied by Technogym for its professional equipment. Therefore the equipment guarantees a workout that is safe and effective.

The Home Fitness Strength range - Wide range of exercises

Wide range of exercises

With UNICA, Multipla and Pratica you can choose between various types of workout.
With Pratica you can perform exercises with a free workload, with dumbbells or with barbells; while with UNICA you can perform 25 different exercises selecting only the workload you want to use.

Featured Home Fitness Strength Products


Multipla™ is the multifunctional bench for your home that allows you to perform a complete workout, from simple muscle toning exercises to more demanding sports conditioning. Perform more than 20 different routines with free-weights and guided barbells.



Pratica is a multifunctional bench for your home with the same characteristics as professional gym benches. Choose between different kinds of workout: with free- weights, dumbbells and with barbells.



UNICA is a multifunctional bench for your home built with the same materials as professional gym equipment. Elegant by design, UNICA is the most comprehensive physical fitness and muscle-strengthening equipment that exists.

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