Effective workouts for all kinds of users. Sleek lines and connectivity. Perfectly tuned biomechanics. The new generation of selectorised equipment for strength training is here



All the performance and durability you expect, two new flavours to choose from. Selection delivers the same exceptional exercise feeling, doubling up with two distinct interpretations of strength: the technologically advanced 900 and the compact 700 version.

Selection 900

Bring strength training to the next level: not only Selection 900 offers matchless comfort and effectiveness, it also sports a connected interface that guides and tracks your training seamlessly, making it more effective day after day.

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Selection 700

The new Selection 700 is designed to be compact and light, while sharing the same superior biomechanics of the 900 version. It sports three dual machines, which combine two complimentary exercises in a single piece of equipment.

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SELECTION 900: connected strength

Visual feedback translates into effective workouts. Log in, find your programmes and track your results. Make strength intelligent again.

Selection 900 key features

Connected equipment

From the moment you walk into the gym, the new Bluetooth® wireless technology and smart devices make your experience easier. Connect your device and let your programme guide you through sets and repetitions. And when you leave the equipment, your results follow you: seamless tracking, higher engagement in time.

Engaging workouts

Selection 900 features Unity™ Mini, the first ever virtual coach for selectorised strength machines. With on-screen guidance, it makes it easy to find the correct settings even as a first timer. Don’t know your maximum strength? Find it easily with the 1RM test. And for optimal muscle activation, follow visual feedback in terms of range of motion and speed, both in the concentric and eccentric phase.

selection line engaging workout

Natural movement

Our biomechanics have been tuned to the tiniest detail to maximise effectiveness. Selection delivers resistance constantly during all the range of motion, with an exceptionally fluid movement. The handle’s materials and shape offer improved grip and contact. The Physiocam system varies the resistance output to follow the natural strength curve.

selection line biomechanics

Ease to use

Unsure what that equipment is for, or how it works? The placard provides all necessary information clearly, together with the QR code for exercise guidance and tracking. The Easy Start system, available on selected equipment, can prove as helpful as a spotter, reducing effort at the beginning or at the end of the exercise. Extra neutral grips can provide more training options and support users with limited shoulder mobility.

Total comfort

The backseats of Selection equipment have been studied with perfect comfort in mind, offering ergonomic support for the spinal column and accommodating users of all sizes. Place your bottle, phone and personal belongings in the dedicated holders while you train. And with the towel locking device, you can be sure you keep the upholstery clean and dry for the next user.

selection line equipment total comfort

Easy set up

If you never walked into a gym before, strength equipment could feel intimidating at first. That’s why we placed visual flags marking the correct position of your body. All actionable buttons, levers and pins come in a bright and easy to spot yellow colour. Seat adjustments are as quiet, smooth and comfortable as they could be.

SELECTION 700: compact strength

All you need for a confident training experience, also in small spaces. Biomechanics and ergonomics support your strength in total safety and comfort.

Train antagonistic muscles with dual equipment


Selection 700 offers space-savvy solutions allowing you to perform two different exercises on the same equipment without compromising the biomechanics. More exercises in less space.


The Dual Pectoral / Reverse Fly  is aimed at the pectoralsposterior deltoids  and scapular muscles, thanks to the double adjustment and perfect ergonomics.


The Dual Leg Extension / Seated Leg Curl  allows training quadriceps and
hamstrings optimally on a single equipment, simply by adjusting the initial position of the resistance pads.


The Dual Abductor / Adductor allows to quickly switch from abduction to adduction
movements for the complete training of the internal and external thigh.

Selection 700 key features

selection 700 smart pin


Allows you to increase the load gradually by means of an additional plate that is half the weight of the other plates in the stack.

selection 700 qr-nfc integration


The code identifies the equipment and enables you to access video tutorials and manually track exercises with the mywellness® app.

selection towel locking device


The towel locking device offers a simple solution for holding the towel in place on the equipment.

selection 700 integrated storage


Allows you to easily position their phone, towel and water bottle during workout.

What principles is modern strength training built around?


One thing’s for sure: you need to trust the equipment biomechanics to do their work efficiently and safely. Compromising on construction quality and materials won’t pay off for durability and total cost of ownership. Looks and comfort matter too: nowadays it’s the experience that keeps people addicted to training. Last but no less important, digital connectivity makes that experience personal and tailored to your single needs as a user.

The Selection line pushes all the buttons, offering the excellent and tailored strength training experience that people actually want to engage with. Discover all the details in our catalogue.