PROFILE: Tailoring the Wellness experience

Understand what motivates your members and prospects. Use the unique “aspiration mapping” system to tailor training programmes for your members’ fitness goals.

How it works

The PROFILE app uses scientific data to enable you to understand the reasons why people want to work out, so you can provide them with a tailored wellness experience.

Thanks to Aspiration Finder, a short questionnaire based on a study of thousands of users and validated by IULM University in Milan, you can accurately assess what it is that motivates your clients to exercise.

Benefits for staff

  • Use Aspiration Finder to discover what truly motivates your clients
  • Define targeted training programmes and save time
  • Keep clients inspired to exercise more with their carefully tailored programmes
  • Re-engage existing clients and their training programmes
  • Use PROFILE on the move – no need to be at a computer
  • Retrieve all the information about clients in an instant

Benefits for clients

  • Clients will feel the benefit of a tailored training programme
  • Clients are more likely to remain motivated and achieve their wellness goal
  • Clients can share their aspirations with others
  • Clients are more likely to get involved in different areas of the facility
  • Clients can quite literally realise their aspirations, that before, were unknown to themselves or their trainers