ASSET: Monitor equipment usage

Monitor your cardio equipment – see how it's being used, how often, and how it's functioning. And stay up-to-date with new content and software releases.

How it works

With ASSET, your equipment is turned into smart devices than can monitor its own operation and send messages to Technogym or your maintenance team when staff intervention is required. This will enable you to optimise the management of all your equipment and help you to run a smoother, more efficient facility for your clients.

Benefits for staff

  • Easily stay up-to-date with new content and software releases
  • Receive automatic messages when your intervention is required
  • Get an immediate overview of how your equipment is being used and how it’s running
  • Make better informed decisions on how to improve your services and pre-empt future issues
  • Find out exactly how your clients use your fitness equipment
  • Attract and retain clients

Benefits for clients

  • Clients will feel the benefit of a more efficiently run facility
  • Clients will be happier and more motivated with properly functioning equipment