Spartak Moscow

Technogym has signed an agreement with Spartak Moscow, the capital's leading Serie A football team. Trained by Dmitri Alenichev, this is the professional football team to use the mywellness cloud, the Technogym cloud computing platform used to manage training programmes and record user data.

Technogym makes its expertise and years of experience in world-class competitive sports available to the players. The training centre for the Moscow team is equipped with a gym featuring the latest innovative cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training equipment, including Kinesis One, ARKE and Selection. In addition, Technogym has provided athletes with access to the Mywellness cloud platform, allowing trainers to create personalised training programmes for players, who can access these any time, from anywhere, via their profile.

Athletic conditioning is an extremely important element, above all in the winter, when the Russian championship comes to a halt due to the harsh winter weather. During this period, players can keep fit and perfect their athletic training at the gym, pending the resumption of the tournament.

Spartak Moscow has built a new complex, the "Open Arena", including a stadium, various hotels and the company headquarters; the fully-equipped Technogym gym is also part of this project, which is located on the north-western outskirts of Moscow.

The partnership between Technogym and the Spartak Moscow football team serves as further confirmation of the interest of sporting professionals in athletic training with state-of-the-art equipment. An increasingly essential source of support, including from an injury prevention perspective.