Wellness Facilities



The equipment enables you to create a singularly stylish and elegant environment where residents can delight in an incomparable experience, thanks to:

  • cutting-edge Android technology
  • seamless design
  • environmental sustainability

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The UNITY™ Android platform is an integral part of Technogym’s ecosystem of machines, apps, content and services all interconnected with mywellness cloud.
UNITY enables residents to enjoy a personalized experience:

  • replicate outdoor runs indoors
  • participate in challenges
  • stay in touch with friends and family via the integrated webcam
  • create a personal profile with their favorite apps,
    websites, social networks, TV and radio programs

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The world’s most comprehensive cardio line and mywellness enable your residents to enjoy:

  • cutting -edge Android technology
  • innovative product features
  • engaging workouts
  • personalized entertainment

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Plurima is the versatile, compact, cable-based, multiple strength training station which perfectly complements the cardio range and can be used in a fully autonomous manner thanks to its user-friendliness and integration of technology features.

It is the ideal solution for the Hospitality, Residential and Corporate sectors that want to meet the wellness demands of their guests, clients, athletes, apartment residents and corporate users.

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