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Top wellness solutions for first-class apartments

Partner with us to bring wellness to your condos and apartments. Wow your customers with health facilities that shine with a luxury feel and offer prospective residents a unique and exclusive lifestyle.

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Differentiate your properties with a connected wellness experience

Wellness data always at hand

The mywellness cloud aggregates data from Technogym equipment, personal apps and devices, enabling users to follow their regular training routine, measure their performances and record their results.

Easy login and synchronization

Thanks to Bluetooth technology and Technogym smart devices, users can access personalized programs and pick up their workout where they left off with automatic syncing of results and preferences

Wellness coaching and programmes

By downloading the mywellness app, users can obtain a personalized workout plan, track all indoor and outdoor activity and movement and insert and monitor their biometrics

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Our business offering

Technogym provides you with tailor-made solutions to meet every need, all the way from project design to startup and facility management.

We can help you create an attractive and enjoyable Wellness area with whatever space you have available.

Our aim is to provide targeted education to exercise professionals via a wide range of specially developed programmes designed to engage users and deliver the best possible Wellness experience.

Our marketing resources help promote your facility and services to customers in a more interesting and engaging way.

Wherever your business is located, we can support your investment with safe, fast and tailored financing solutions thanks to an international network of banking and insurance institutions.

Equipment ranging from professional products through to beautifully designed functional tools, all suited to a variety of Wellness areas, from gym to spa and even a business lounge.

When you buy Technogym products, you also receive the best after sales service – to increase and protect the lifespan and value of your investment.

Discover the world of mywellness

mywellness is the industry's first open cloud platform that allows operators to increase profits through the ability to manage their customers' Wellness lifestyles.

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