The products of the FLEXABILITY LINE are designed to make stretching exercises effective in a gradual way and adapted to any requirement. These stretching machines reduce muscle tension and support an active and lasting relaxation condition. FLEXABILITY POSTERIOR allows a soft and progressive stretching of the entire posterior muscle chain, with variations in the level of involvement of the different muscles.


FLEXABILITY POSTERIOR helps prevent back pain by gradually lengthening the posterior muscles. The exclusive Selflex system (patented) allows stretching to be modulated, gradually involving the user's weight in the stretching exercise. This avoids the risk of micro traumas. The safety brake also provides stability for the product, making it safer and safer to move during use.
The sliding carriage can be adjusted in different degrees of angle to extend the range of movement arc, and consequently also the range of stretching exercises of the thigh muscles. In addition, the product is equipped with an adjustable cushion to allow each type of user to find the most comfortable position. But also ergonomically correct.

Finally, thanks to the Memory system, all the support cushions are modelled on the shapes of the user's body. The use of the product is made even more effective thanks to the integrated Visual Feedback system, which allows users to measure the improvement of the flexibility of the articulation through a numerical index. This makes it possible to vary the elongation according to daily progress.

Technical specifications

With its 2080 mm depth, 890 mm width and 1250 mm height, FLEXABILITY POSTERIOR is equipped with a headrest cushion to ensure the most comfortable and one that is ergonomically correct. All the muscles involved are those of the column, lower back, Glutei, Semitendinei, Biceps femoral, Periarticular hip, Gastrocnemius, Soleo, Flexoros insoles.


Technogym ME10


Flexability Posterior is ideal for the effective stretching and prevention of back pain by a soft and progressive lengthening of all posterior chain muscles. It is suitable for all types of users in a range of environments including hotels, residential, medical and corporate wellness areas.
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