The Selection Range

Selection is truly unique. With over 25 products – both deconditioned and advanced users can train the muscles most suited to meeting their goals in comfort and style

Experience smoother training

Designed to accommodate beginners and advanced users alike, Selection ensures exceptional comfort in movement path and training position. Distinguished by stylish design and biomechanics, Selection gives the best combination of ease of use and effective training. And with over 25 products in the range, as well as a dedicated, medically certified line, is an essential part of any facility

Unique to this range

The Selection range - Easy Start System

Easy Start System

Some specific upper body strength products from Selection line are provided with an Easy Start
System to reduce the user’s effort when beginning and ending their exercise, especially with high workloads.

The Selection range - Heavier Weight Stack

Heavier weight stacks

Maximal weight stacks on Selection equipment are on average 10% heavier compared with those of Element Line to give users a high-performing workout.

The Selection range - Range width with unique movements

Range width with unique movements

Featuring over 25 different equipment types with some specific and unique movements, Selection Line is appealing to more advanced users for training all muscle groups.

Featured Selection Products

Selection Chest Press

The Chest Press builds strength in the pectoral and arm muscles in a safe, effective way. It’s ideal for all types of users and sports professionals.

Selection Chest Press

Selection MED Leg Press

Leg Press MED, thanks to the exclusive Multiple Resistance System, offers five different training modes and combines two products in one: isotonic and elastic resistance. It’s an ideal machine for sports performance or for post-traumatic recovery.

Selection MED Leg Press
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