A complete ecosystem joining people, facilities and professionals to enable a personal and seamless Wellness experience.
As automation extends our capabilities, so we can reach out to the whole world without moving from our desk or sofa, it’s getting more and more difficult to shift from lazy comfort to healthy movement. The choice of an active lifestyle needs strong motivation: any obstacle in the way must be removed and every journey made personal and engaging.

What if technology itself could provide a solution to the sedentariness it caused?

The Technogym Ecosystem is the first and only integrated platform capable of delivering your Wellness content and training programmes on every Technogym smart equipment as well as your personal device – be it smartphone, tablet, smart TV or PC. It connects every city and country in a global Wellness Community, embracing people, fitness clubs, companies, hotels, public institutions and health systems.

Composed of physical and virtual layers, the Ecosystem provides a tailored Wellness solution wherever and whenever you feel like giving an active spin to your life.

Watch your progress grow with every move, any activity can contribute. Keep track of your body metrics in time. Enjoy a tailored and seamless experience in your club. Drop the paper, all your programs are a touch away, remote support from your trainer as well. Challenge your friends in the fitness cloud.

If health is the destination, Wellness is the journey: any road you may wish to take, we are here to help you stay on track.

Make it simple, make it connected.



• Track your activity level and biometrics easily and consistently through apps, wearables, gym equipment
• Find your programmes, settings and data wherever you are
• Train on the go anywhere and anytime you want, it’s all under control
• Innovative and intuitive features keep you motivated and addicted to your workouts


• Prescribe efficient programmes and deliver them instantly and paperless via the cloud
• Easily retrieve your member’s workout data to understand compliance and update them where required
• Provide customised guidance, suggestions and motivation to customers remotely


• Offer personalised services and programmes to help users reach their own targets
• Diversify your services offer, optimise staff efficiency and scale your business easily
• Monitor your equipment usage and performance to prevent damage and take smarter business decisions
• Manage access control, programmes, equipment usage and classes subscriptions from a single point

Many different needs, apps and devices to cover them all with no effort. Access your club with your personal Technogym Key, or even your smartphone. Track your activity indoors and out with the mywellness app. Dedicate meaningful time to your fitness goals while the cloud takes care of all the rest. Now delve into what makes this all possible.

Discover Technogym Live, a key enabler of the Technogym Ecosystem connecting and empowering your Wellness experience.


Explore the possibilities of mywellness, the cloud-based platform for the complete Wellness Lifestyle management.