CHALLENGE: Interactive and rewarding engagement

Generate exciting and motivating fitness competitions at your facility. Give members a reason to keep coming back and encourage them to interact with each other through the challenges.

How it works

With Challenge app you can create fun interactive challenges for your members, where they can take part in the challenges proposed by you on their own device or by using the Technogym key or mywellness® key. You can even display the rankings on large screens within your facility to encourage competition and motivation.


Benefits for staff

  • It only takes a few minutes to create a new challenge for individuals and groups
  • You can add a certain number of ‘Moves’ to the challenge to encourage clients to burn more calories or complete workouts and distances

Benefits for clients

  • Clients can easily access challenges on their: device, UNITY™ console, Technogym key or mywellness key
  • Clients can record exercises easily
  • Clients can collect points to help them reach the top position
  • Clients can complete activities and challenges outside of the gym
  • Clients can check their ranking and prizes (if any) directly on any device, including Technogym equipment