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Wellness & Training

Wellness Institute

Technogym’s Fitness and Wellness School, founded in 2002

Our Wellness Institute's certified trainers, master trainers, experts and business consultants all over the world are dedicated to providing quality training and education.

What we offer

Discover a wealth of courses, on-site training programs, and online learning opportunities offered by certified trainers and industry professionals.
E-Learning courses

We offer customizable, up-to-date e-learning courses in 18 different languages for up to 10,000 trainers, gym staff, and customers.

Home courses

A certified Technogym personal trainer will teach your selected course from the comfort of your own home.

On-site training

Take advantage of on-site Functional Training workshops at Kinesis® facilities with a Kinesis Master Trainer.


For Trainers

The courses are designed to increase the trainers' knowledge and understanding of Technogym’s equipment in order to allow them to support, motivate and encourage their customers.

Individual Training Courses

Get one-on-one training from a Wellness Institute Master Trainer or on-site trainer with a solid professional background and track record.

Group Training Courses

Courses can be entirely customized to meet your facility's requirements, and consist of group training sessions at various levels for staff members and trainers alike.

For Business Operators

Get the most out of your facility and increase your revenue with our range of business services.

Business Consultancy

We offer customized Business Consulting programs that make use of the most successful software applications, including Wellness System, Contact Manager, and Club 2.0.

Club 2.0

Club 2.0 is an innovative way to organize your business activities by categorizing your club's users based on their aspirations (i.e. discovering what truly motivates different people to work out).

Wellness institute courses finder

On-site courses
Home courses

Courses for Business Operators

Interaction on the gym floor to enhance communication, effective programming and retention

Is interaction important? How do you effectively interact with clients? Can you interact with all member groups confidently? What is effective communication? Discuss and explore different types of interaction and how they can enhance communication. Starting with different communication types, we focus on different ways to engage with clients through physical examples and programming.

Duration: 4 hours
Understand your member aspirations to drive retention and sales

What are aspirations? Why are members’ aspirations important? What are aspirations versus goals? How do you understand aspirations through communication? How do you effectively programme for aspirations? A two part workshop – the first covers how to uncover aspirations through technology and how you can implement solutions to profile existing and new members. The second part covers communication techniques to understand members’ aspirations as well as effective programming.

Duration: 4 hours
Mywellness Coaching – Moving from Instructing to Coaching

A one day interactive workshop with 4 REPS CPD looking at the growing market need to move from instructing to coaching. What is coaching? What are the benefits of coaching versus instructing? What are the benefits to exercise professionals and members? What are the key principles to achieve success? How can it be implemented successfully?

Duration: 4 hours
Member Journey to Member Success – Improve Business Performance

A workshop based session exploring the importance of the member journey. Using your own facility, industry knowledge as well as live examples, we explore how to adapt and reinvent your member journey to improve business performance. What are the key components of a member journey? What works best for your members? What is achievable? What needs improving? How can you improve? How can you implement successful changes? The session is a great health check of your current process to ensure you are fully meeting your members' needs.

Duration: 4 hours
A Gym with A Vision – What’s Your Path for Success?

Without a vision we can lack identity, focus and direction. Here we look at why a vision is important and how it can create the pathway for continued success. Including how to differentiate, maximise new trends and stay one step ahead. What is your purpose? What is your vision? How can you identity help success in the future? How do you enhance your offering to meet your vision?

Duration: 4 hours
Maximising Small Group Training

Are you maximising Small Group Training to drive revenue and retention? How can you effectively programme for all? What are clients asking and demanding? Explore many different forms of small group training as a great way for clients to benefit from the quality of Personal Training. Using a range of functional tools, the practical workshop shows how to create a training session based around fun, variety and progression.

Duration: 4 hours
The future of exercise prescription with mywellness cloud

How do you implement exercise prescription effectively? How do you track programming compliance? How to track outdoor training as well as indoor training? How is exercise programming evolving? Discover and discuss effective exercise prescription with mywellness cloud. Includes a practical overview as well as case study examples and hints and tips to take away.

Duration: 4 hours

Courses for Trainers

Omnia Workshop – Maximising Functional Training Solutions

Do you effectively programme functional training for all members? Why is functional training so important? How can fitness professionals make functional training more appealing? A practical session around effective programming to engage clients using the Technogym functional frame and tools.

Duration: 4 hours
Kettlebells – Make it Personal, Interactive and InspireExpand

A workshop covering the core Kettlebell exercise movements with a strong practical focus on effective technique, coaching and programming built around member aspirations.

Duration: 4 hours
Technogym Approach to Functional Training

Discover how to make exercise and routines suitable for all members using the Technogym Move, Train, Play approach to functional training. How can you engage all your members? What user groups do you currently engage with? How can you develop this further? What style of training do your members enjoy and why?

Duration: 4 hours