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Recline Personal: the most attractive places to showcase it

Here are a few recommendations on where to place Recline Personal, the new design bike from the Personal line.

The design and elegant line of Recline Personal, the latest product from the Personal line, make it easy to place it in glamorous luxury settings.

Here are two ideas for arranging it attractively.

Recline Personal in a suite

This image offers an interesting idea: placing Recline Personal in the living area of a hotel suite.

A rug and a lamp can further enhance the product, and help it blend in with the rest of the furnishings already in the room.

Recline Personal in a hotel room

Recline Personal has two characteristics that make it suitable for use in private, prestigious and refined environments: reduced size and unique design. For these reasons, it can be appealing to place it in a hotel room, offering exercise as an in-room service.

The Visioweb interface will keep users entertained during their workout. It's still a good idea to place Recline near a window so whoever uses the machine has the sensation of exercising outdoors.

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