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Connect with Technogym through Facebook

It's fast, handy, and helpful: with the new "Facebook Connect", all you need is access to your Facebook profile to automatically access all the services reserved for registered users of our site. Find out how it works.

With the new "Facebook Connect" tool, simply enter your Facebook login information to log on to our site and directly access all the services that we reserve for our registered users and fill out the required forms more quickly.
Or, if you're at your computer and you're already logged on to Facebook, you can log in to with just a click.

Here's how

You can use "Facebook Connect" two ways: from the banner that comes up when you click "Login" at the top of the page, or on the top of the various forms you fill out to request catalogues, contact us, etc.

Facebook Connect from the "Login" button

In this case, once you've entered your Facebook credentials in the appropriate fields, you'll have the chance to link your Facebook profile with your Technogym account if you already have one. If you don't have one yet, you can create one with just a few clicks and link your profiles.

You'll only need to do it once, and then every time you use Facebook Connect:

  • You'll be able to use all the services reserved for registered users, which you'll find in the space on your wall: the Wellness Wizard, the virtual space in which you can keep track of your daily workouts, use the "Edit Profile" tool and directly access the other Technogym social channels like the Wellness Blog and WeKinesis, our community dedicated to Kinesis.
  • You'll find all the request forms for our site (to request a catalogue, send us a message, etc.) already filled out for you, with your registration information in the correct fields in the form, making it much faster and easier for you.
  • If you're at your computer and you're already logged in to Facebook, to enter the Technogym site you can just click on the Facebook Connect button and you'll already be logged in to our site as well (without needing to enter your username and password), so you can start using all the various features (services, automatic form completion, etc.).

Facebook Connect in request forms

Don't have a Technogym account? No problem: you can still use the Facebook Connect link you'll find on the upper part of the contact forms.

In this case, without logging on to the Technogym site, the information available in your Facebook profile will be inserted directly into the right fields in the form, so you can still complete them quickly and easily.

Always stay connected! Try out the benefits of the new Facebook Connect today!

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