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Check out the new Video section and manage all your favourite services from the Dashboard!

In the video section you'll find all our films together in one place. The new Dashboard function means you're just one click away from all our dedicated user services: here's the latest news from

Continue your journey of discovery through the Technogym website's new features: today, we're going to show you the new Dashboard and dedicated Video section.

The new Video Gallery

Have you ever watched one of our videos? They offer lots of information and advice about fitness equipment as well as the chance to listen to user experiences, find about the new fitness trends and catch up on the latest Wellness news. To make it even easier for our users to access this wealth of information, we've decided to make the entire collection accessible from just one access point, with easy-to-use filters to help you navigate between clips.

Go to the "Multimedia" page and click on "Video"

This will take you to a preview pane showing the most-watched videos, so you'll know straight away which videos everyone's watching. You can also use the "Sort by" function to reorder the videos chronologically by the most recently uploaded.
We've also grouped our videos into subject categories to make it even easier to browse the clips that interest you most. Just choose from the following options: the "Sports" section is perfect if you're into sport and want to listen to interviews with your favourite sporting heroes. If you have a gym and want to compare your set-up with others in the market, simply choose "Clubs".
If you want to see Technogym equipment in action, select "Technogym Products" for lots of clips highlighting all the features and characteristics of our superb products.
Finally, a simple keyword search, such as the name of a particular piece of equipment or machine, athlete or event, will bring up a selection of related videos.


If you're already registered with the Technogym site, you can find all these services together in one convenient menu, accessible at any moment.
How? Enter the site through the "Login" button at the top of the page. You'll then be presented with your personalised "Dashboard" with drop-down menu, offering you direct access to all our dedicated user services, divided into the following sections:

  • What do you want to do today?
    In this section you can update your profile, one-click access your Web Business Area or enter the "Wellness Wizard", a virtual training room where you can keep track of your training and progress, and set up a tailored training regime.
  • Wellness network
    This section provides direct access to WeKinesis®, our dedicated online Kinesis® community, our Wellness Blog and all our social media channels.
  • Facebook Connect
    Do you have a Facebook account? Then you can log-in to our site using the same user details thanks to the new Facebook Connect system.

Don't yet have a Technogym account? Register now
and start taking advantage of all the great features!

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