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DAP, a gym in your own home

Do you know the formula for a toned, well-proportioned figure?
Practice many different exercises; combine constancy, good technique, and change as needed to increase the effectiveness of each movement.

Boring and complicated?
Not at all, when a single machine can eliminate repetitive workouts to achieve new results, and bid farewell to the thousands of tools your never use in your fitness corner.

Choose it all, without compromise: today there's DAP.
Dual Adjustable Pulley is the new cable machine that in just over a single square meter delivers everything you need to grow your strength, get toned, and stay in shape in your own home.

With an open, vertical structure that is entirely new, with DAP you can assume the most proper positions without need for direct supports, for a stimulating new perspective in your daily exercise.

DAP, a gym in your own home

An End to Boredom
Get in position, adjust the weights and cables one-handed, and choose the right position for your exercise from among 36 choices, for a new workout every day.
Grasping the handles, strengthen your arms and back with extensions and bends; put on the ankle bands to tone the lower part of your body with leg lifts in all directions.

Are you looking for something different? Select the right weight and decide whether you want to train with power, explosiveness, or speed.
Are you looking for more? Climb onto the platform, grab the ergonomic handles and feel the resistance to strengthen your entire upper body in a single exercise.

A new perspective for new results: with DAP you'll achieve form and well-being, and rev up your desire to get moving, day after day.

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