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Are your abs toned up? Follow our advice...

In this newsletter we want to have another look at a part of the body which is particularly important for both men and women – the abs. Summertime is when even more of us would like to find out how to reduce our waistline and flatten our tummy before we carry out the long-awaited swimming costume test.

Great news!

There are a number of ways of achieving this and our advice is to combine some aerobic activity like running, walking, exercise biking with some targeted exercises like those we recommend every month in this newsletter.

But remember that consistency is a highly important factor and that although these exercises may seem really easy, they can help you achieve really great results if you stick at it.

Inverse crunch with a Wellness Ball™

Lie down on the floor, face-up, with your arms slightly apart from your body and with your palms flat on the floor.

- Open your legs and place the Wellness Ball betwen your ankles.
- Hold the Wellness Ball™ between your feet (see the picture) and lift your legs until you form a 90° angle with the floor.
- Then lower your legs keeping them slightly bent and without actually touching the floor.

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Beginners: 8/12 repetitions for 2/3 series.
Intermediate/Advanced: 10/15 repetitions for 4/5 series.

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