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Create your own wellness space: wellness planning

It could be a veranda, a basement or a garage: if you have a free area in your home of around 5-50m2 and you are thinking of converting it into a gym, Wellness Design™ will help you identify and plan out your space in the best way possible.

Designing a wellness space in your home isn't simply about the position of the equipment.

A lot of factors have to be taken into consideration:
  1. New multi-sensory and aesthetic trends in terms of materials;
  2. Planning and development of apparatus and choice of pieces of equipment that complement one another;
  3. Maintaining safety while retaining style (in terms of space between equipment);
  4. Position of the equipment based on room lighting and the possibility of controlling light sources.

The Wellness Design™ concept evolved from the conviction that material, light, colour and scent can give rise to positive emotions and sensations. This is why choosing Wellness Design™ will result in an ideal use of space to create a fully-equipped gym in harmony with the rest of your home.

Wellness Design™: That Little Something Extra

Thanks to Wellness Design™, working out at home has become a true Wellness experience. As a result of the experience it has acquired over the years, Wellness Design™ offers something extra to those who want to create their own home gym.

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