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A cross trainer is a type of equipment designed for cardiovascular exercise that simulates movements similar to running, walking, and climbing stairs. With a natural feel and no impact on the knees and joints, cross trainers are some of the most complete machines because they train the entire body at the same time. Equipment in this category has two pedals connected by an internal flywheel, and in most cases, two handles/levers that follow the motion of the pedals. Using the pedals and handles together, you can exercise your entire body involving not only the muscles in your legs, but also those in your abdominals, pectorals, shoulders, and arms. You can isolate training to just the lower half of the body by only using the platforms. Thanks to its complete movement, it is perfect for people who want to move all the muscles in their body in a single session, lose weight, and reduce the risk of joint problems.

Home equipment

By purchasing Technogym equipment you can be sure of quality – equipment Olympic athletes and the biggest football teams have come to rely on.

This means that Technogym equipment is easy to look after, long-lasting and helps you train safely and efficiently. Moreover, the styles all of our treadmills, bikes and barbells are easily adaptable to different settings thanks to structures and colour combinations conceived by our designers, from a modern living room to a classic bedroom.

On our website shop online you can find our home product range, full of different solutions that meet your requirements while staying within your budget:

Forma line: see how you can build up your very own gym

Forma Line offers the most suitable cardio products for your home. These include foldaway treadmills, bikes and crosstrainer- everything you need for a great cardio workout.

Personal line: equipment to show off

The Personal product line comprises training products designed by Antonio Citterio. The equipment is characterised by sinuous contours and intriguing shapes, like the Run Personal and Kinesis® Personal. These products are very eye-catching, even in the living room or bedroom.

Forza line: benches, barbells and a multipurpose workstation

This solution is specifically designed for the home and for improving resistance and developing muscle strength. It includes two benches with barbells, Multipla, Pratica, and the multipurpose Unica workstation which allows you to do 25 different exercises.

Wellness Tools™

Small accessories to keep at home or which make the perfect gift. We have weights and dumbbells for those into weight training, the Wellness Ball™ for doing fun exercises and our stretching mat.

As well as these accessories, gym-specific equipment can be purchased, from Group Cycle a FLEXability, and all the way up to:

Excite®+ line:

This is the professional cardio range specifically for clubs.
Perfect for those who have plenty of space and want to create a training area identical to that of a gym.

Element and Pure Strength line:

Two professional strength training product lines, developed for the private gyms of sports stars and football teams.

Read our article on how to choose the right equipment for your home, email us or call 0800 3162496 free.

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