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Medical Centers

Every day you are involved in restoring the health of your patients, while helping them to prevent and tackle their problems. The wellbeing of people is our primary objective as well; this is why we have devised solutions for the medical sector that may facilitate control and accelerate recovery.

There is a common thread to all of our projects: the idea of physical exercise as effective medication for the prevention and cure of different health problems.

This basic, straightforward concept is reflected in the equipment and solutions we offer for preventing and treating heart, metabolic and orthopedic pathologies, for assessing the fitness of athletes and offering support to the elderly.

From the bike that connects to the electrocardiogram machine to the tread mill that starts at slow speed, from the device that monitors the patient’s vital parameters during physical exercise to equipment items containing specific sports medicine tests: all our solutions for hospitals and other medical centers are scientifically designed to guarantee easy accessibility, safety and efficacy.

If you operate in this sector and your aim is to restore people’s health, discover how our solutions can facilitate your job.

The Technogym approach for the medical sector

An overview of the values that guide our work and allow us to support you in the prevention and treatment of illnesses.

Best Practice of Exercise is Medicine

Located in Pinehurst, North Carolina, First Health of the Carolinas is a private, non-governmental and non-for-profit healthcare network that serves 15 counties, three hospitals and six fitness ...

Equipment and ranges

We offer a wide range of certified equipment that can be used for various requirements and treatment: full-scale allies in the prevention and treatment of illnesses.

Marketing, design of spaces and assistance

We also support you through design services, marketing tools and after-sales assistance.

Solutions for metabolic pathologies

Discover the solutions that back up your work in the prevention and treatment of diabetes and other metabolic illnesses.

Solutions for cardiorespiratory pathologies

We offer equipment and solutions that can help you prevent and tackle your patients' cardio-respiratory problems.

Solutions for orthopedic pathologies

A series of specific solutions mean we help you support your patients during rehabilitation.

Solutions for sports medicine

Our solutions help you monitor the physical conditions and capabilities of your patients.

Solutions for aging

You can achieve a great deal for your older patients. Discover our solutions that help you improve their quality of life.

Medical center news

The medical world is constantly evolving. Our news will always keep you up to date with the latest innovations.

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