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Current trends in the design of wellness areas, from fitness centers and corporate gyms to hotels and spas, favor the creation of a relaxing, natural environment which is as welcoming as possible

Quiet areas and relaxation spaces help people socialize and contribute to the wellness and comfort of all users: this is what the Technogym Wellness Design™ service aims to achieve.

Wellness Design™ is an exclusive service which Technogym offers to its clients, based on our extensive experience in the following fields:

  • architectural design;
  • new multi-sensory and aesthetic developments applied to materials;
  • efficient subdivision of spaces;
  • interior layout development in plan view;

The service is run by a dedicated team of designers who are on hand to provide advice in terms of facility design, space distribution and equipment layout.

The concept of Wellness Design™ originates from the firm belief that materials, lights, colors and aromas can be used to trigger positive emotions and sensations.

This is why we study and design the components that form the fitness and wellness environments.

Thanks to the Wellness Design™ service, Technogym is able to transform workout sessions into true Wellness experiences.

Added Value

The Wellness Design™ service enables our clients’ facilities to benefit from design which takes into account the following factors:

  • correct dimensioning of spaces;
  • internal flows;
  • needs of the user;
  • ease of management;
  • the value which each individual component acquires when combined with other components.

In this way, our clients have access to a service that can help them build a distinctive setting and a foundation for lasting success.

Design which is correctly dimensioned in terms of spaces, with internal flows based around client needs, coupled with the experience that Technogym has accumulated over the years, represent unquestionable added value for fitness and wellness operators.

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